Why do people binge-watch TV shows?

Alex Williams
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  1. It’s engaging

  2. To catch up

    A person can binge-watch a show if a new season is about to come out and they want to catch up on the previous seasons.

  3. Popular TV shows are often binge-watched by people so they can find out what the fuss is all about.

  4. They’re bored

    When a person is bored, it is easy for them to get hooked on a TV show and watch several episodes of it a day.

  5. They feel down

    Some people resort to binge-watching TV shows when they’re feeling depressed or lonely to distract themselves from the negative emotions they’re experiencing.

  6. To distract themselves

    Binge-watching shows for some people is a way of distracting themselves from their daily problems or the stress they might be experiencing in their life.

  7. They have nothing better to do

    Some people don’t have specific hobbies they can spend their time doing, so they binge-watch TV shows in their free time instead.

  8. They have an addictive personality

    People with addictive personalities can easily get hooked on anything, including TV shows. (See Why are Korean dramas so popular?)

  9. They identify with the characters

    Some people binge-watch TV shows because they identify with the characters of the show and feel like they’re experiencing their same emotions.

  10. The availability of online streaming

    The fact that streaming TV shows online through Netflix, Hulu or HBO is easy has made the possibility of binge-watching higher since entire seasons are only a click of a button away.

  11. To avoid spoilers

    Some people said they binge-watch TV shows in order to avoid spoilers once they start watching the show.

  12. To not wait for an episode every week

    Some people find it easier to just watch the whole show or season at once so they wouldn’t have to wait every week to see one episode at a time. (See Why the Walking Dead is so popular?)

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