Why The Godfather is a cinema classic?

How ‘The Godfather’ changed cinema forever? What’s so great about the Godfather?
  1. The monologue sets the theme

    The ‘I believe in America’ monologue at the beginning of the movie sets the theme for what the story was about.

  2. Nino Rota scored the movie

    The music score of the movie was made by Nino Rota, to which he had received a Golden Globe along with other accolades. The music sets the atmosphere of the movie and the themes that come with it.

  3. Marlon Brando’s role as the Godfather

    The producers of the Godfather didn’t want Marlon Brando to take the role initially. However, he proved to be one of the greatest aspects of the movie because of his award-winning acting.

  4. The plot of the story revolves around the lives of Don Vito Corleone and Michael Corleone who successes him in command. The story is versatile but three main themes reoccure throughout the story which are: Power, romance and tragedy.

  5. It shows the life of the mafia

    The life of the Italian Mafia or La Cosa Nostra is shown in the movie. However, it’s refered to as the family because the producers didn’t want to use the terms Mafia or Cosa Nostra. Regardless, the movie shows how a family can run a city in the shadows.

  6. It shows that side of gang’s life

    Michael Corleone is one character that the movie viewers sympathized with at first, being the only surviving and intelligent son of Don Vito. He takes place in the family business which he was forced into. However, things continuously become tragic with the lost of his first wife.

  7. The cast members showed great chemistry

    From Marlone Brando who played the father and the godfather, to Michael Caan who plays the hot-headed brother, to Al Pacino who plays the tragic-hero-turned-antagonist and the rest of the members, they all play their roles very well in award winning performances. They can be related to even now.

  8. The movie was well directed

    Some of the deaths in the movie are the best ever seen in a movie according to critics. The directing of the movie also capitalized on mistakes such as Luca Brasi’s nervousness. (See Why are the Terminator movies so popular?)

  9. The special effects were very realistic

    One particular scene in the movie should have relied on special effects, the horse head scene. However, that was an actual horse’s head taken from a local dog food company.

  10. The movie is long

    One of the virtues of the length of the movie is that it manages to collect the aspects entirely without leaving plot holes. The length of the movie helped avoid any plot holes. (See Why Avatar was so successful?)

  11. It’s regarded to as the best movie ever

    Critics have nominated The Godfather to be the best movie in history. The critical reception was widely acclaimed, nominating the movie for 9 Oscars.

  12. It’s timeless

    The movie was set to be after the events of World War II. However, despite the time gap, the movie remains one of the best movies to this very day, topping the lists of the critics still. The aspects of the story can be related to despite the time.

  13. Box office draw

    With a budget of 6 million dollars, the movie has grossed over 134 millions. It is ranked as one of the top 25 grossing movies in history with the adjusment to the inflated ticket prices.

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