What are the Four Seasons in the Philippines?

Do you know about the Philippines? What are the Four Seasons in the Philippines? When is it Summer in the Philippines? When is it Winter in the Philippines? What is the Best Time to Visit the Philippines?

The Philippines is a beautiful Island country. It is a Southeast Asian country in the western Pacific Ocean. There are about 7,000 islands and islets in this archipelago. Recently Filipino culture, food, and Philipinnes as a country are becoming quite famous. People now are pretty curious about everything related to this country even seasons. Some wonder if there are four seasons in the Philippines. Some even think that the winter in Philippines and summer in Philippines are different from the rest of the world. If you are also curious about the weather and climate of the four seasons in the Philippines then this article is a must-read.

1. Is there Spring in the Philippines?

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There are four seasons in the Philippines and spring is one of them. This season starts here in March and continues till May. The temperature in this country starts rising once spring arrives here. After March the temperature gets too hot. The daytime average during April and May months here is close to 95℉. (See What is North Pole Temperature today?)

If you don’t like much rain and then it’s ideal for you to visit the Philippines during March as it’s the driest month here. When the temperature rises here, you can try the amazing diving opportunities here. While diving, you will get amazing sights of colorful corals, pygmy seahorses, and tropical fishes. From April and May, precipitation increases here so be sure to pack accordingly. 

2. What are the 4 Seasons in the Philippines?

The main four seasons in the Philippines are winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Let’s know about these four seasons of the Philippines in detail.

  • Winter: The duration of this season in the Philippines is from December to February. The temperature here during these months drops below 60℉. The rainfall levels are also low during this time.
  • Spring: The duration of this is from March to May. The temperature starts rising during this time. March is the driest month during this season. During April and May, the temperature rises up to 95℉. The precipitation also stars increasing during these two months.
  • Summer: This season starts in June and ends in August. Summer is the rainy season of the Philippines and thus tourists avoid visiting the Philippines during summers. The temperature average during this period drops around 90℉ during the day but at night time the temperature can drop around 80℉ due to humidity.
  • Autumn: This season starts in September and continues till November. At the end of October, the rains stops thus the weather improves by November. Though during the autumn months typhoons aren’t uncommon. The average temperature at this time can peak up to 88℉. Also, check out What are the Six Seasons in India?

3. What are the Causes of Seasons in the Philippines?

The Philippines falls in the tropical zone thus the intensity of sunlight or the length of daylight doesn’t define the seasons here. The four seasons in the Philippines are different from the four distinctive seasons of the temperate regions. In this country, rainfall determines the seasons and thus the seasons in the Philippines are defined as wet season and dry season. (See What is the Absolute Location of the Philippines?)

4. When is Summer in Philippines? What Month in the Philippines is the Hottest?

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According to the standards of temperate regions, summer is the time when the daytime is significantly longer than the nighttime. It is also linked to the Summer Solstice. If we go by these standards then there isn’t any technical summer season in the Philippines. However, the period between June to August is considered Summer in Philippines. 

It rains in the Philippines during this season and the temperature can drop to about 90℉ during the daytime and around 80℉ during nighttime. According to the weather stations in the Philippines, the hottest month in the Philippines is May. Also, check out what State has the highest humidity?

5. When is Winter in Philippines? What Month in the Philippines is the Coldest?

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The winter in Philippines starts during the month of December and continues till the month of February. During these months due to the influence of northeast winds, the climate becomes a bit cooler and drier. The temperature during this time is rarely below 60℉. The chances of rain, typhoons, and hurricanes are also very low. Though some eastern parts of the Philippines can experience some rains.

According to the average of all Philippines’ weather stations, January is the coldest month in this country. (See Why some people prefer winter over summer?)

6. When does the Rainy Season in the Philippines begin?

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The tropical zone and the rainfall determine the four seasons in the Philippines. The seasons here are primarily defined as wet season and dry season. The duration of rainy season begins here from the month of June and lasts till November. (See What is the Opposite Word of Rainy Season?)

7. What is the duration of Dry Season in the Philippines?

The concept of seasons in the Philippines is quite different from that of other temperate regions. In temperate regions, the seasons are determined by the length of daylight and intensity of sunlight. Since the Philippines falls into the tropical zone, the seasons here are determined by rainfall. Based on rainfall there are primarily two seasons in the Philippines namely the wet season and dry season. The dry season is further divided into the cool dry season and the hot dry season.

8. What is the Best Time to Visit the Philippines?

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The Philippines is a very alluring country. The best time to visit this country is during its dry season especially the cool dry season from December to February. It is the tourist season in the Philippines as during this time of the year the temperature is cooler and the probability of rainfalls, hurricanes, and typhoons is very less. These conditions are perfect for exploring the Philippines.

During this time you can go on exploring mountains and also try hiking. But since this is the top tourist attractions time, you may face price hikes in accommodation and flight bookings. Be sure to book in advance if you want to visit Philipinnes during the busy reason. (Also read 10 Places with Best Weather in the World)

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