JAN23 How to solve the painting room puzzle – Resident Evil remastered

How to solve the painting room puzzle – Resident Evil remastered

Alex Williams
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  1. Go to the painting room

    The first thing you need to do is go to the painting room, located on the eastern side of the mansion. Identifying the door is easy as it has a knob-less door, and its entrance is in the corridor.

  2. Turn the 2nd switch on

    Once you enter the room, you see a yellow painting closing the door. The painting is illustrated with these words ‘a picture of a valiant wearing a bracelet.’ As you see the painting, click on the switch, and you would see that the colour of the painting would change to orange.

  3. Turn the next switch-on

    You need to turn on one more switch, and for that, you need to go around the corner. You would find one more yellow painting stating “a picture of a saint wearing a crown.” There would be a switch there; click on it, and the picture would change colour to green.

  4. Turn the 3rd switch on

    Next, you need to go to the end of the corridor to see a red painting. The painting would illustrate, “A picture of a sage wearing a necklace.” Again you need to press the switch, and the painting would turn purple.

  5. Press the final switch

    At the end of the corridor, you would see one more painting. You would see a switch; press it. (See How to solve the bee puzzle – Resident Evil HD remastered)

  6. Grab the death mask

    As you press the final switch, you would see the painting moving up. Now, you would be able to walk through the wall to search for the death mask. As you walk further, you would see the death mask lying on the floor.

  7. Beware of the right order

    It is paramount for you to follow the exact order. As if you make even one mistakethe crows will attack you. Therefore, you need to keep in mind the right order to avoid any error. (See The control room puzzle solution – Resident evil remastered)

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