JAN23 The control room puzzle solution – Resident evil remastered

The control room puzzle solution – Resident evil remastered

Alex Williams
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  1. Go to the control room

    The control room is located at the bottom of the Aqua ring near the area full of water with sharks. Use the control room key to get inside the control room.

  2. Press the water drain switch

    Go to the control panel downstairs and press on the water drain switch. It’s located where the panel displays the word ‘error’ in red.

  3. Release the safety mechanism

    As soon as you press the switch, an emergency alarm will fire. You will have to continue the rest of the puzzle fast. Press the safety mechanism switch which lies on the same panel.

  4. Pull the lever

    Next, you need to find the lever to pull in the control panel. It’s near the other switches you pressed. Pull the lever when you find it. The mechanism will fail, don’t worry.

  5. Press switch #1

    Go back to the area in the room where there are large tanks and press on the switch #1. (See Eagle room puzzle – Resident Evil remastered)

  6. Shut the safety again

    Go back to the control panel and shut the safety off again.

  7. Pull the lever again

    After shutting down the safety you need to pull the lever one final time. This time the glass windows will be barricaded. (See How to solve the tiger eye puzzle – Resident Evil remastered)

  8. Drain the water

    Now press on the switch that drains the water and it will work. When the water gets drained, it will open the path to previously blocked areas.

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