Eagle room puzzle – Resident Evil remastered

How to solve the room with the moving eagle and two glowing gems when you turn the lights out?
  1. Find the room with the eagle statue

    The room is located in the west wing of the Mansion 2F. It can be found in the corridor right above the safe room.

  2. Turn the lights off

    Find the switch near the entrance door and press it to turn the lights off. The room needs to be dark for this puzzle to be solved.

  3. Use the tables to reach the gems

    You will find two movable tables in the room. Each of them should be raised to reach the gem nearby it.

  4. You can’t pick up a flashing gem

    As long as the gem is flashing you won’t be able to pick it up. Its color must turn solid before you can grab it.

  5. Keep moving randomly for the flashing to stop

    Keep moving randomly near the table until the flashing of the gem stops. As soon as this happens, climb over the table to grab the gem. (See How to solve the tiger eye puzzle – Resident Evil remastered)

  6. Do the same for the 2nd gem

    Repeat the same steps to get the second gem. You will not be able to take the gem until its color becomes solid.

  7. Don’t forget the items in the room

    This room also has a dagger hidden near the corner and shotgun shells (this might change according to the difficulty selected). (See How to drop items – Resident Evil Remastered)

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