Fallout 4 – Reunions Walkthrough

Alex Williams
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  1. Follow Dogmeat who’s tracking Kellog’s scent

  2. Find a cigar at the first stop

    When Dogmeat stops for the first time, at a pond, look for a cigar in the immediate area. Continue following Dogmeat.

  3. Find a bloody rag at the second stop

    After Dogmeat stops again, look for a bloody rag at a freeway underpass. Continue following Dogmeat.

  4. Find another cigar at the third stop

    After Dogmeat stops again, at a railroad shack, find another cigar there.

  5. Find robot Assaultron

     Find the remains of a robotic Assaultron and talk to it. (See Fallout 4: Getting a Clue Walkthrough)

  6. Reach Fort Hagen and find another clue

    Once you reach Fort Hagen, Dogmeat will lead you to another bloody rag for you to analyze.

  7. Enter Forg Hagen

    You can enter the Fort by either going through an underground parking lot or through a hatch on the roof. Be prepared for challenges ahead. (See Fallout 4 – Prologue Walkthrough)

  8. Reach Kellogg and defeat him after talking to him

    Follow the main path to reach Kellogg. After talking, be prepared to fight him.

  9. Loot Kellogg and leave

    Loot Kellogg’s for his terminal password and his Cybernetic Brain Augmenter. Use the nearby terminal to open the security doors.

  10. Go back to Diamond City and talk to Piper

    Return to Diamond City and talk to Piper at either her office or at the Valentine Detective Agency.

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