Fallout 4 – Prologue Walkthrough

Prologue - Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough | Fallout 4 Prologue walkthrough

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  1. 1 Determine your character's looks

    Choose from various options the gender and physical look of your character.

  2. 2 Talk to your wife and Codsworth

    After creating your character, you can now talk to your wife or husband if your character is female. You can also talk to your robot butler, Codsworth.

  3. 3 Explore your house

    You can explore the house and play with your son, Shaun.

  4. 4 Talk to the Vault-Tec rep

    After some time, a Vault-Tec rep will visit you. Filling the paperwork allows you to determine your character's stats.

  5. 5 Return to Shaun

    Go to Shaun's room and talk to your wife. When Codsworth calls for you, go to the living room.

  6. 6 Run for the Vault 111

    Once the siren's start wailing, run as fast as you can to the Vault 111. Your wife and Shaun will be right behind you. You can talk with the neighbors.

  7. 7 Stay on the path for Vault 111

    Follow the army's instructions to reach Vault 111. If you leave the town via the main road, you will die.

  8. 8 Reach the landing platform for Vault 111

    After reaching the landing platform for Vault 111 you will finish the Prologue. See also Fallout 4 - Out of Time for the next part of Fallout 4 walkthrough.

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