Fallout 4 – Prologue Walkthrough

Alex Williams
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  1. Determine the looks of your character

  2. Talk to your wife/husband and Codsworth

    Once you are able to choose your character, you can talk to your husband or wife (according to the gender you have selected). You can also speak with your robot butler, Codsworth.

  3. Explore your house

    You can play with your son ‘Shaun’ while exploring the house.

  4. Talk to the Vault-Tec rep

    After you have fully explored your house, the Vault-Tec rep will visit you. You need to fill the paperwork as it will facilitate you to evaluate your character’s stats.

  5. Return to Shaun

    Talk to your wife/husband after returning to Shaun’s room. As soon as Codsworth calls you, go to the living room. (See Fallout 4: Getting a Clue Walkthrough)

  6. Run for the Vault 111

    When you hear the annoying siren sound, run swiftly to grab the Vault 111. During this time, your son and wife/husband will be right behind you.

  7. Stay on the path for Vault 111

    You need to follow the peculiar army’s instructions to reach the Vault 111. Following the main town road will lead you to death. (See Fallout 4 – Reunions Walkthrough)

  8. Reach the landing platform for Vault 111

    You will be able to finish the Prologue as soon as you reach the landing platform for Vault 111.

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