Fallout 4: Getting a Clue Walkthrough

Getting A Clue – Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough
  1. Talk to Nick about Shaun’s kidnapping

    Talk to Nick in his office about Shaun’s kidnapping. Provide him with all the information he needs.

  2. Follow Nick out of his office

    After you finish, Nick will suggest visiting Kellogg, a resident of Diamond City. Follow him to his place.

  3. Break into Kellogg’s home

    Since Kellogg isn’t around, you will have to break into his home. If you have a Master Level Locksmith perk, you can break inside yourself. Otherwise, go and get a key from the mayor’s assistant.

  4. If you’re unable to break in, visit the mayor

    Go to the mayor’s office and talk to the assistant. To get the key you must persuade her and the mayor by talking to them. Optionally, bribe the assistant with 250 bottle caps.

  5. Go back to Kellogg’s home with the key

    Enter the house with Nick using the key. (See Fallout 4 – Reunions Walkthrough)

  6. Enter the house with Nick using the key.

    Search the house for clues together with Nick. The most important clues are the hidden switch beneath the desk, and a cigar.

  7. Give the cigar to Dogmeat outside Kellogg’s home

    Let Dogmeat sniff the cigar to find Kellogg’s scent. Follow Dogmeat. (See Fallout 4 – Prologue Walkthrough)

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