Why some people support Hillary Clinton?

Alex Williams
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  1. She has political experience

  2. Her personal qualities

    Some supporters pointed out Hillary’s strength ,tenacity, intelligence, ability to handle pressure and tough situations well as a reason for their support for her. Those supporters said that those qualities make her qualified as a leader.

  3. The ability to get things done

    Some of Clinton’s supporters have praised her ability to get things done. They pointed out that her direct approach in addition to her tenacity can make her a qualified leader for the nation.

  4. Many blacks favor the Clintons

    Many Black people favor Hillary Clinton because of the records of the Clintons in improving the lives of african Americans. While Bernie Sanders showed his support for black people the Clintons already have a proven record of their deeds.

  5. She is more familiar

    According to Psychologists people are more likely to favor familiar people over the ones they don’t know well. While Bernie Sanders is now a public figure Hillary is still the more familiar face. (See Why do we like familiarity?)

  6. Support for women’s rights

    Some people , especially some women, might give support to Hillary Clinton out of beveling that she will very likely take care of women’s and Children’s rights.

  7. They are against Donald Trump

    Some people support Hillary Clinton because they don’t want Donald Trump to win. People who are against Donald Trump might vote for Hillary Clinton just to make Trump lose. (See Why do some people hate Donald Trump?)

  8. They have democratic views

    People who support the Democratic party will have to choose a president from that party. The democrats who see Hillary Clinton as the best option in the democratic party will have to vote for her since they can’t support the republicans.

  9. She has balanced views

    Hillary Clinton has balanced views on many matters which makes her more appealing to some voters. This is one reason why some people want to choose her over Donald Trump who has some extreme views on some matters such as the illegal immigrants issue.

  10. They support the idealistic approach

    Many people who support the idealistic approach see Hillary Clinton as one of the best people who can stick to that approach while in office.

  11. To have a female president

    Many people who support the idealistic approach see Hillary Clinton as one of the best people who can stick to that approach while in office.

  12. She is more electable

    Many supporters of Hillary Clinton think that she is more electable given her qualifications, experience and political power.

  13. They don’t want to elect Bernie Sanders

    Some democrats support Hillary Clinton just because they don’t want to vote for Bernie Sanders.

  14. The popularity of Bill Clinton

    Some people support Hillary Clinton as a result of being satisfied by some of the changes made during Bill Clinton’s role. Those people hope that Hillary follows the same path.

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