Why do some people hate Donald Trump?

Alex Williams
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  1. Some people think he has a big ego

  2. Some of his remarks were interpreted as racist

    Donald trump has made some remarks in his public appearances that were interpreted as racist remarks. Some people believe that Donald Trump is a racist person, especially when it comes to African Americans and Hispanics.

  3. He is known for his bold criticism of people

    Donald Trump is known for his bold criticism of some people. He sometimes criticizes people in public.

  4. He exaggerates lots of things

    Donald Trump got famous for exaggerating things and making them seem much bigger than they truly are. While some people find those exaggerations realistic or funny, others get offended by them.

  5. Famous comedians make fun of him

    Famous comedians such as Jon Stewart sometimes make fun of Trump’s remarks. While people do laugh at those shows, they unconsciously hate the person who said them even more.

  6. He talks about his achievements all the time

    Donald trump mentions his achievements in life frequently and he keeps pointing out the fact that he is worth billions and that he dates the best women.

  7. Donald Trump announced that he will run for president

    The fact that some people don’t like Donald Trump resulted in even more dissatisfaction among them when he declared that he will run for the presidential elections in the United States. (See Why is Donald Trump so famous?)

  8. Bold in an offending way

    Donald Trump is known for being very bold. However, he sometimes becomes bold in a mean way by making fun of people, putting them down or humiliating them in public.

  9. Obama fans dislike him

    Donald Trump criticized Obama many times during his presidential elections and even claimed that Obama was lying about his original birth place, which is Kenya, according to trump. This has led Obama fans to dislike him.

  10. Black people tend to dislike him

    Black people, who believe that Trump is a Racist person, took Obama’s side and hated trump even more for believing that he is racist. S

  11. Some people believe he is insecure

    Some people believe that Trump shows off all the time because he feels insecure and that he is an attention seeker.

  12. Can’t control his temper

    Some people dislike Donald Trump because of his inability to control his temper at times. Trump bursts into anger sometimes and criticizes people harshly. Some people believe that a US president should have more control over his temper and so they don’t like Donald Trump.

  13. His financial success increased hatred

    Some people believe that the fact that Trump is a billionaire has made his haters hate him even more. Some people hate Trump because he misuses his success to show his grandiosity and to get attention. (See How Donald Trump became Billionaire?)

  14. Attacked many public figures

    Donald Trump criticized many public figures in a bad way including president Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Some of these criticisms used insulting words and this added to the hatred of Trump among some people.

  15. He criticized Mexicans

    Donald Trump made bad remarks about Mexicans more than once. The fact that there are many American citizens who originally came from Mexico led to more hatred towards Trump.

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