Why is Donald Trump so famous?

How popular is Donald Trump? Why is Trump still so popular? The real reasons Donald Trump’s so popular
  1. He is very controversial

    Donald Trump is a very controversial person. This controversy sparked more conversations about him and made him more popular.

  2. He is a self made billionare

    Even though trump inherited millions from his father, he managed to turn those millions into billions, and to become one of the few billionaires in the world. (See How Donald Trump became Billionaire?)

  3. He was about to go bankrupt more than once

    Donald Trump was about to go bankrupt more than once because of the high risks he takes. At one point he was $900 million in debt. The fact that he bounced back has made his story popular and inspiring to some people.

  4. He was the host of The Apprentice

    Donald Trump was the host of the famous TV show The Apprentice. This has made him more popular.

  5. He uses his name in many projects

    Donald Trump markets his company and himself as a brand. He uses his name for the hundreds of projects he is involved in, and as a result his name became well known.

  6. He is very bold

    Donald Trump is a very bold person. He usually makes very bold remarks that result in extensive sharing of his talks on social media.

  7. He appears on TV often

    Donald Trump appears on TV frequently. This has made his celebrity status more solid.

  8. His portfolio is very diversified

    Donald Trump has casinos, golf courses, hotels, buildings and skyscrapers. Most of them carry his name.

  9. Unique personality

    Donald Trump has a unique and unconventional personality that made him more popular. He is assertive, brave, bold, charismatic, critical and egoistic. The fact that he is not a mainstream person has made him popular.

  10. He announced his candidacy for president in the 2016 elections

    Donald Trump formally announced his candidacy for president in the 2016 elections. This has made him more popular, especially among international citizens.

  11. He became president

    In 2016 Donald Trump won the US elections and became the 45th president of the united states. This event took his fame to a complete new level. (See Why some people support Donald Trump?)

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