How Donald Trump became Billionaire?

How did Donald Trump make his fortune? The Real Story Behind Donald Trump’s Wealth
  1. He made his money from Real estate

    Donald Trump said that he made his money from Real Estate. He also said that he is not a Stock market person.

  2. Fred Trump , his father , helped him

    Donald trump learned about real estate from his father , Fred Trump, who was a successful real estate investor. At one Interview Donald Trump said that his father gave him $1 million dollars to start with.

  3. Inherited the initial amount

    Some people believe that Trump’s success was based on the money he inherited from his father. According to Alternet Estimates of the money he earned ranged from $40 million up to $200.

  4. In 1971 Trump became in Control of his Father’s company

    In 1971 Trump took control of his Father’s company.

  5. Trump took very big risks

    Donald Trump took very big risks by financing some projects with very high leverage. While those risks caused him many financial problems he manged to bounce and make serious gains.

  6. The renovation of Commodore Hotel

    One of the deals that helped Donald Trump rise was the one he made with Hyatt hotels. He purchased the Commodore hotel near Grand Central Station then renovated it , made a deal with Hyatt then sold his share to them for $140 million. (See Why is Donald Trump so famous?)

  7. Trump invested in different real estate properties

    Trump went on buying , branding and sometimes building Golf courses, hotels, casinos and other facilities.

  8. His survival of his dept crisis in the 1990’s

    Trump’s net worth went to the negative when he found himself severely in dept. He owed the banks a lot of money and his net worth was negative $900 million. The fact that Trump survived that event helped him come back to the world of billionaires with a net worth above $2 billion. (See Why some people support Donald Trump?)

  9. The Construction of Trump Tower

    Donald Trump has bought the old Bank of Manhattan Trust building for a very cheap price in 1995 then turned it into a building wroth hundreds of millions called the Trump Tower. Donald Trump claimed he bought the building for only $1 million.

  10. In 1995 Trump made his company public

    Trump made a large amount of money when he took his company Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc. Public. According to Alternet Trump sold 10 million shares at $14 per share and then in 1996 sold 13.25 million shares at $32.50 a share.

  11. His Celebrity status helped him make more money

    Donald Trump became a Celebrity as a result of many Factors. This helped him make more money as he sometimes joins some projects using only his name then shares profits if those projects made money.

  12. He owned and part-owned more than 400 businesses

    According to Investopedia Donald Trump has owned and part-owned more than 400 businesses, properties, books, television shows and trademarks during his career.

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