Why some people hate going to parties?

Why Truly Sociable People Hate Parties? Why we don’t like to Party!
  1. They’re loud

    Some people don’t like loud music at parties, which could make them not want to go.

  2. They’re not social

    People who are not social may not like going to parties since they might not know a lot of people there.

  3. They have social anxiety

    People with social anxiety face problems when they’re in a crowded or loud place, which is why they would prefer not to go to parties.

  4. They don’t know the people there

    Some people might get discouraged from going to a party if they don’t know anyone there.

  5. They don’t like small talk

    Parties are usually filled with people trying to make small talk. Those who hate small talk might not like going to parties to avoid it.

  6. They don’t like drinking

    Since most parties serve alcoholic drinks, some people might not like to go if they don’t drink. (See What Alcohol does to your Brain?)

  7. They feel like they don’t belong

    Some people feel isolated when they go to parties and that it’s not their thing.

  8. They like having their personal space

    Crowded parties leave no room for personal space, which bothers some people.

  9. They’re not good dancers

    People who can’t dance well might not like going to parties to avoid embarrassing themselves.

  10. They think parties are fake

    Some people dislike how parties are all about dressing up and acting in a certain way. (See Why some people don’t like family gatherings?)

  11. They’d rather relax in their free time

    Some people would rather lay back and relax in their free time than go to parties and stay up the whole night.

  12. They’re introverts

    Introverts prefer staying at home or going out with a small group of people than going to a big, loud party.

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