Why My Teeth Hurt After Waking Up?

Alex Williams
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  1. Grinding your teeth while sleeping

    Some people unconsciously grind their teeth while sleeping as a result of stress or anxiety. This is also referred to as ‘bruxism’. Teeth grinding results in sore teeth or a sore jaw the following morning.

  2. Clenching your teeth

    Some people clench their teeth (press on them really hard) while they’re asleep, which is also due to psychological factors. This could result in teeth pain the following day.

  3. Food stuck in teeth

    Going to sleep at night with food stuck in your teeth could result in feeling soreness the following day. This happens with hard foods especially such as meat and chicken which easily get stuck in your teeth.

  4. Not brushing your teeth

    Not brushing your teeth and skipping flossing is one reason for teeth soreness, as food particles remain stuck in your teeth all night.

  5. Due to certain sleep positions

    Some sleep positions could result in teeth soreness such as putting the hand under your face and resting your jaw on it. People who sleep with jewelry in their hands are also prone to this problem. (See Why do I feel bad when I wake up?)

  6. You just had your teeth cleaned

    If a dentist just cleaned your teeth, you might experience teeth soreness when you wake up as a result. This pain usually goes away in a few days.

  7. You have a sinus infection

    If you’re suffering from a sinus infection, it’s not unlikely to experience toothache in the morning, especially the upper back teeth. (See Why do we look ugly when we wake up?)

  8. Gum infection

    If you suffer from a gum infection, periodontal disease, you might experience pain and discomfort, especially in the morning.

  9. Suffering from dental damage

    Many types of dental damage such as cavities, oral injury or extreme decay can result in teeth soreness.

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