Why do I feel bad when I wake up?

Why do I wake up depressed? Sleep inertia is why you feel so groggy when you wake up
  1. A bad dream that can’t be remembered

    Dreams affect our moods even if we can’t recall them. If a person has a bad dream then forgets about it, it can still affect his mood when he wakes up and make him feel bad.

  2. Remembering a problem from yesterday

    As soon as a person wakes up, he starts remembering his personal personal problems. If a person has an unsolved problem going on, he might feel bad as soon as he recalls it. This check can happen on the unconscious level and thus the person’s mood can change all of a sudden.

  3. Anticipating an unpleasant event

    As soon as a person wakes up, his mind quickly reminds him of the things he will have to go through on that day. If a person has an unpleasant task to do, he might feel bad as soon as it’s recalled.

  4. Accumulated guilt

    A person can feel bad as soon as he wakes up if he unconsciously feels guilty about sleeping a lot. Past guilt can also make a person feel bad as soon as he wakes up since his subconscious reminds him of it as soon as he wakes up.

  5. Poor sleep

    If a person doesn’t sleep well, doesn’t get enough rest or has a poor sleep, he will wake up feeling irritated. Physical fatigue results in emotional changes and makes a person feel bad as soon as he wakes up.

  6. Not wanting to wake up

    A person who doesn’t like his job or doesn’t want to wake up for any other psychological reason is very likely to feel very bad as soon as he wakes up. (See Why some people hate waking up early?)

  7. Drop in blood sugar level

    Some people feel bad after they wake up because their blood sugar level drops as a result of not eating anything throughout the night. Those people usually feel better as soon as they get breakfast.

  8. They are keeping themselves busy

    People who have important unsolved problems and who try to run away from them by keeping themselves busy usually feel bad as soon as they find themselves idle. Right after a person wakes up, he finds himself face to face with all the problems he is trying to run away from.

  9. Not getting proper sunlight exposure

    Sunlight results in the development of the happiness hormone, serotonin. If a person wakes up after the sun goes down, he might feel very bad as a result. (See What Are The Benefits Of Sunlight To The Body?)

  10. Diurnal mood variation

    Diurnal mood variation is one form of depression which is sometimes called morning depression. Diurnal mood variation is a symptom of depression. People who suffer from depression are very likely to feel bad as soon as they wake up.

  11. Disturbances in the biological clock

    Disturbances in the biological clock or sleeping times can result in irritation and bad moods. Those feelings are usually experienced when a person wakes up.

  12. Too much sleep

    Too much sleep can result in fatigue and unpleasant feelings. If this is combined with guilt for waking up late, a bad mood is very likely to develop.

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