Why Egypt lost AFCON 2017?

Why did Egypt lose at the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)? Why Egypt lost AFCON 2017?

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  1. 1 Lacking squad depth

    Héctor Cúper's poor squad choices wrecked Egypt's hopes many times in the tournament. Players like Hossam Salama, Moamen Zakaria, Basem Morsi and Mohamed Nasef could've saved Cuper who had no key players on the bench causing him to make only one substitution while being down against Cameroon.

  2. 2 Players' fatigue and injury crisis

    Losing key players like Mohamed Abdel-Shafy and Mohamed Elneny was catastrophic for Cuper who had no choice but to put more pressure on the veteran Ahmed Fathi whose fitness dropped dramatically in the second half against Cameroon.

  3. 3 Playing four games in Port-Gentil

    Playing four games in Port-Gentil Stadium negatively affected the Pharoes who had to put tremendous amount of effort while playing on the poor ground of the Gabonese stadium.

  4. 4 Not having a proper attacking strategy

    Even though Cuper's defense tactics were working pretty well, the Egyptians had no clear strategy about what to do when they're behind in the score, something that was clear to anyone watching them fail to build a proper attack against Cameroon despite being one goal down.

  5. 5 The absence of Mahmoud Kahraba

    Not having Kahraba against Cameroon forced Cuper to depend on the physically incapable Amr Warda who wasn't enough against the much stronger and much taller and Cameroonian defenders.

  6. 6 Not having a proper replacement for Abdallah Said

    The 31 y/o mastermind suffered physically against both Burkina Faso and Cameroon. With no proper replacement, he became almost a liability in the final.

  7. 7 Failing to use the gap between Cameroon's mid and defense lines

    Egypt's two real threats in the game came from playing on the gap between Cameroon's defense and mid lines. This gap, however, was left unused in the second half when both Tarek Hamed and Abdallah Said became extremely exhausted.

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