Why do type A personalities get stressed?

Alex Williams
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  1. They find it hard to relax

    Type A’s have a hard time relaxing and as a result they are more likely to get stressed than others. Even during a break a type A would be thinking about work and what he or she should be doing.

  2. They always watch the time

    Even if they are doing an activity that they like, Type A’s usually keep on monitoring the time. This can make them stressed.

  3. They feel they must complete their to do list

    Type A’s hardly give up on the tasks they have to do. Even if they are too busy, they still insist on finishing everything they planned to finish.

  4. They usually don’t have time for unexpected events

    Because Type A’s schedule is always full, they don’t have any tolerance for unexpected events that waste time. That’s why they get very stressed when such an event happens. (See What are the characteristics of a Type A personality?)

  5. Competitiveness increases stress

    Type A’s are very competitive, and this behavior can lead to much more stress.

  6. Impatience leads to stress

    Type A’s can hardly wait for anything and because of their impatient habit they can get too stressed if they are forced to wait. (See Why are some people impatient?)

  7. They usually don’t take vacations

    Because Type A’s usually don’t take a day off, they are more subject to stress than other people who take vacations and some days off.

  8. They are racing against time

    Type A personalities always race against time. They always compare their progress to time to see how much they achieved. This usually makes them very stressed.

  9. Their day is full of things to do

    Type A’s usually stuff their day with a big to-do list that in many cases can be completed in a single day. Type A’s like to achieve more and sometimes they overload their day with so many things.

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