Why do people unfollow me on social networks?

Alex Williams
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  1. You post very often

  2. Your posts are offensive

    People are different and a post that is considered normal for a person might be offensive for another person. Some people unfollow others when they get offended by some or one of their posts.

  3. Jealousy

    A person can unfollow someone out of jealousy. If a person gets jealous of another, he might stop following his news because it always makes him feel unhappy.

  4. Rejection

    A person who felt rejected by someone might unfollow or even unfriend him on social networks. Some people, for example, unfollow or unfriend those who don’t send them birthday greetings on their birthday.

  5. Some people do it to get more followers

    Some people follow others for the sake of getting more followers then after people follow them back, they unfollow them to have a high following/followers ratio.

  6. There are pieces of software designed to unfollow people

    Some people use software that can help them grow their follower base by randomly following people then unfollowing them when they follow back hoping that they never unfollow them.

  7. Too much self promotion

    All people want attention but those who over do it might get unfollowed by others.

  8. Too much spam

    People who keep making spam posts or who keep trying to promote certain links or businesses usually annoy others and might get unfollowed. (See What happens when you Unfollow someone on Facebook?)

  9. Not interesting enough

  10. For not posting at all

    Some people might unfollow the ones who don’t make any posts just to reduce the number of people they are following.

  11. Repetitive and boring content

    Some people unfollow others or unfollow certain brands when they keep reposting their same old content over and over.

  12. Negativity

    People can unfollow people who keep posting negative stuff over and over.

  13. Conflicting opinions

    People can unfollow or even unfriend those who have opposite opinion to theirs. This is very popular with political opinions where people can get annoyed by those supporting the other party.

  14. To have a better following/followers ratio

    Many people care about the following/followers, and as a result, they might try to unfollow as many people as they can while sill keeping their feed interesting.

  15. Too self-absorbed

    Some people get annoyed by the ones who are too self-absorbed, and as a result, they might unfollow them.

  16. Because they weren’t followed back

    Some people follow others then wait for their reactions. If those people follow back then they do nothing, but if someone doesn’t follow them in a timely manner then they usually unfollow him. (See What happens when you unfollow someone on Instagram)

  17. They followed by mistake

    Some people mistakenly click on a link and follow someone by mistake.

  18. They are no longer using the brand

    When a person stops using a brand or when a problem happens with the customer service of that brand, the annoyed person might unfollow the brand.

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