What happens when you Unfollow someone on Facebook?

Will someone know if I unfollow them on Facebook? What happens when you Unfollow someone on Facebook?
JAN23 What happens when you Unfollow someone on Facebook?
  1. You stop seeing their posts

    The first use of unfollowing someone is that their posts would not appear on your newsfeed. You would not be able to see any of their updates until you start following them again. If you open their profile, you might be able to see some of their posts, depending on their privacy settings.

  2. They will remain on your friend list

    Unfollowing is very different from blocking a person from your Facebook. When you unfollow someone, they would still be on your friend’s list, nothing will change, and they would not even get to know that you unfollowed them.

  3. They don’t get a notification

    If you unfollow a friend, group, page, or non-friend them, they do not get any information. In fact, if you decide to follow them back, then also they do not get any notification regarding that. In this complete process, the other person remains unaware.

  4. They see your posts

    Unfollowing someone is just a one-way journey; in this, the other person would be able to see your posts and stories. The person that you unfollow would be able to see all your posts and stories normally as before. Your posts and feeds will appear in their newsfeed if you are friends with them. (See what happens when you unmatch someone on Tinder?)

  5. They might guess it

    If you frequently post on Facebook a bit, never interact with a particular person’s posts, they might guess that you have unfollowed them.

  6. You will get birthday notifications

    Unfollowing only affects the posts in the timeline. You would get their birthday notifications as before; there would be no difference in that. (See What happens when you unfollow someone on Instagram)

  7. They can message you normally

    Messaging would remain the same as both of you would be able to send messages to each other. The person you unfollowed would be able to interact with you similarly before you unfollowed them. Other actions, such as posting comments, likes, and tagging everything, would remain unchanged.

  8. Everything remains the same

    All the things would continue as before you unfollowed that person, and there would be no change in the way Facebook works.

  9. Who all can be unfollowed

    You can unfollow friends, non-friends, pages, and groups on Facebook.

  10. Like and comments

    JAN23 What happens when you Unfollow someone on Facebook?

    The best part is that nothing would change for likes and comments. You can like and comment on their posts and vice versa.

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