Why do people like posts on Facebook?

Understanding the Psychology Behind Facebook Likes | Why do people like posts on Facebook?

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  1. 1 The post was emotionally provoking

    People like posts when they are emotionally provoking in a positive way. If the post is emotionally provoking enough, the person might share it as well if it is the kind of post that could be shared.

  2. 2 The post matches their views

    If the post matches a person's views then the person is very likely to like it.

  3. 3 Good relationship with the one who posted it

    People generally don't feel comfortable liking the posts of the ones they don't like. Even if a person writes a good post, it still might not be liked by the ones who don't like the one who made it.

  4. 4 To socialize

    People sometimes like the posts of others just to socialize and connect with them. A person might like your post, if he doesn't disagree with it, just to get closer to you.

  5. 5 To compliment others

    The motive behind the like can also be complementing others. If a person makes a certain achievement then his close friends might like his post just to compliment him.

  6. 6 They like the person

    If someone likes a certain person or has a crush on them then the former is very likely to like the posts of the latter. See signs that someone likes you.

  7. 7 The post is amusing

    People like and share jokes online when they find them amusing or when they help them express their opinion in a funny way.

  8. 8 Matches their interests

    People are more likely to like posts and pages that match their own interests. A person will usually feel annoyed when he sees an unrelated image. See why Facebook likes are important.

  9. 9 To express approval

    People usually like posts to express their approval of what is being said or to express approval of the person who wrote the post.

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