20 Signs That You Are Emotionally Sensitive

22 Signs That You’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) | 22 Signs You’re One Of The Highly Sensitive People

  1. You are very sensitive to loud noise

    If you have problems dealing with loud noise then you might be a sensitive person.

  2. You hardly forget negative remarks

    If you keep thinking about negative remarks then you might be a highly sensitive person.

  3. You are very sensitive to external stumili

    If you are the first one to complain about the weather, the smell or other external stimuli then you might be a sensitive person.

  4. You have very low tolerance for conflicts

    Sensitive people can hardly handle conflicts and prefer to make peace with everybody.

  5. You have a slim body

    People who have an ectomorph body type, a slim body, are usually sensitive people. A person can still be sensitive even if he had a different body shape but ectomorphs are more likely to be sensitive.

  6. Small facial features

    Sensitive people usually have small noses, chins and facial features. A person can still be sensitive without having those facial features.

  7. You have a great deal of empathy

    You always experience the emotions of other people and feel bad for them.

  8. You cry often

    Sensitive people usually cry more often than ordinary people. (See Why do we feel better after crying?)

  9. You can hardly deal with negativity

    If negativity overwhelms you, then you might be a sensitive person.

  10. You get overwhelmed by crowded places

    If crowded places overwhelm you, then you might be a sensitive person.

  11. You are very creative

    Sensitive people are usually more creative. They love usually love arts and might find a career related to that field.

  12. You have a hard time saying no

    Sensitive people are usually very decent and overly polite. They can have problems saying no to requests.

  13. You are not assertive

    Most sensitive people aren’t assertive but some of them manage to learn how to be assertive. (See How to be assertive without being rude?)

  14. Can easily get very emotional

    If music and movies can easily get you very emotional then you might be a sensitive person.

  15. You can know how someone feels

    You can easily find out how someone feels even if that person said nothing.

  16. It might be hard to take a decision

    Some sensitive people have a hard time taking decisions. The reason is that they might not be able to tolerate the feelings resulting from a wrong decision.

  17. People tell you that you over react

    Sensitive people usually experience things in a more intense way and as a result might over react.

  18. You have lower tolerance for pain

    Sensitive people usually have lower tolerance for physical pain than other people.

  19. You usually feel like wanting to stay alone

    In order to escape from the noise of the outside world sensitive people sometimes feel like they want to stay alone.

  20. You get overwhelmed very easily

    If stress, work problems, external factors and many other things overwhelm you very easily then you might be a sensitive person.

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