Why do people buy expensive phones?

Why do people tend to buy expensive smartphones when they can get the same feature at a cheaper rate?
  1. They think of it as an investment

    Some people think that buying an expensive phone is an investment, as it will stay with them for a long time and they wouldn’t have to regularly upgrade it.

  2. They go for the best

    People usually go for the best option when buying electronics, as it’s guaranteed to be of high quality and live longer.

  3. They see it as a mark of their social status

    Some people buy expensive phones, and electronics in general, as a mark of their high social status.

  4. To show off

    Some people’s intention behind buying expensive things, and phones in specific, is to show them off.

  5. They are tech-savvy

    People who are into technology make sure to not settle for anything other than the best option, which is usually expensive.

  6. They’re not restricted by a budget

    People who are not restricted by a certain budget when buying a phone will tend to go for the more expensive option, as it’s usually the high-quality option.

  7. To have access to more features

    Expensive phones usually have more features and better specs than cheaper ones, which motivates people to buy them.

  8. To fit in

    Some people may buy an expensive phone to fit in a certain social circle that would look down upon them if their phone wasn’t of high-quality. (See Why is the iPhone so expensive?)

  9. To reward themselves

    Some people like rewarding themselves by buying luxury items such as an expensive phone.

  10. They are materialistic

    People who are materialistic are more likely to buy expensive phones just because it costs more money and would make them look good than people who don’t care about appearances.

  11. It feeds their ego

    Studies have shown that people who buy luxury goods feel proud, which is known as hubristic pride. Therefore, buying an expensive phone could be a way of maintaining this sense of pride.

  12. It makes them happy

    Some people find happiness in buying expensive products such as phones, since it plays on their materialistic side. (See Why do some people love iPhones that much?)

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