7 Reasons Why Students should use Cellphones in School

Why Students should use Cellphones in School? Why are Smartphones Good for Students? What are the Reasons Phones should be allowed inside Classroom? What are the Uses of Mobile Phones?

Cellphones have become the need of the hour and you wouldn’t be surprised to see how people are gushing upon their phones if you live in a technologically advanced society. However, it is startling and even worrying to observe the devotion to technology enhancement among teenagers, children, and adults. While there is growing concern over cell phones, there is also an ongoing discussion about whether phones should be allowed inside classrooms or not. Let us keep on reading and discussing the disadvantages and advantages of mobile phones for students and 7 reasons why students should use cellphones in school.

1. Is Mobile Good for Students?

Phone usage is not a concern and can even be beneficial in keeping in touch with faraway friends or relatives or educating about current events when used in moderation. However, the majority of students use their phones excessively. As fake news spreads considerably quicker than actual news, social media is a promoter of the spread of false and misinformation. Additionally, the fact that people only promote the best possible version of themselves on social media. It is bad for mental health and promotes self-consciousness, mostly among the students, which might impact their studies. Therefore, a cell phone is beneficial only when it’s used in moderation. (See Why Studying Is Important?)

2. Why should Students use Cellphones in School?

Mobile phones can be utilized in a variety of ways. It can be used as an effective means of exchanging information and enjoying the benefits of digital literacy, which allows people to succeed in school and research. Cell phones help in organizing, and assisting students in staying updated about tasks, school assignments, schedules, deadlines, and other projects without stress. Better awareness of mobile device management can assist them to boost their performance in the workplace in the future.

Therefore, phones should be allowed inside the classroom since they will encourage e-learning and make it easier to understand complex terms. (See Should Cell Phones be Allowed in School?)

3. Why are Smartphones Good for Students?

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Mobile phones serve many important tasks. Digital literacy is an important part of young people’s education, and research shows that mobile phones can help in increasing knowledge. For students to participate in business effectively, they must learn to use modern technologies. In the next segment, you will see 7 reasons why students should use cellphones in school. (See Why smartphones are so popular?)

4. What are 7 Reasons Why Students should use Cellphones in School?

7 reasons why students should use cellphones in school are:

  • Games and applications for education make learning enjoyable. Fortunately, there is a ton of entertaining applications and games that can rediscover the fun of learning.
  • Students can use their smartphones to access digital educational content. News articles, blogs, and newspaper columns are excellent tools for classroom instruction which help to gain a broader perspective on a variety of sources.
  • Educational videos are available for students. It’s now simpler than ever to watch educational content on a phone, including lectures, historical speeches, and even fascinating science experiments. 
  • Many classes require textbooks, yet their high price and bulky nature frequently make education difficult. However, E-Textbooks are now easily accessible owing to e-readers which make education handy and cost-effective.
  • Using cell phones in the classroom teaches important IT skills at a young age. Teachers can educate their pupils about the use of technology safely and appropriately by allowing cell phones in the classroom.
  • Phones enable children to quickly find out critical information. In a classroom, the teacher is unable to respond to all of the students’ queries so, cell phones are a useful tool there.
  • Students can seek definitions in their phone’s dictionary. As the English language is so large, children will come across words they are unfamiliar with. The majority of cell phones have a pre-installed dictionary or a few quick taps to discover new terms’ definitions, phrase usage patterns, and synonyms.

5. What are 5 Reasons Phones should be allowed inside Classroom?

Now that you are aware of 7 reasons why students should use cellphones in school, take a look at the 5 reasons phones should be allowed inside the classroom:

  • Phones, which are essential for coordination, assist children in a learning organization. These small devices are a powerhouse for organizing, and assisting students in staying updated about tasks, school assignments, schedules, deadlines, and other projects without the stress of making paper planners and to-do lists as everything can be managed digitally.
  • The timer on cell phones makes it easier for students to keep track of the time they devote to each class. Students can focus on one task effectively with short breaks in between through reminder apps which allow them to rest and work simultaneously without stress.
  • Kids can communicate with their parents about their plans for the day. A regular schedule can make all the difference in the chaos of day-to-day tasks. Children could forget the plan and become anxious as a result. Cell phones will help to refresh their minds and remember their chores.
  • There are consequences for using your phones inappropriately in most schools. Educating youngsters to use their phones appropriately during class is a smart approach to display responsible phone usage in the future.
  • In the case of emergencies, parents can reach their children or children can contact their parents during difficult situations.

6. What are the Advantages of Mobile Phones for Students?

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The advantages of mobile phones for students are:

  • Security purposes: Bullying, sexual assault, and shootings are just a few examples of the difficulties that children deal with at schools. Having a cell phone in such dangerous circumstances enables a child to contact their parents and emergency responders. The child is given an additional measure of security as a result.
  • Research materials: When a student is inquisitive about something relating to a subject, they can readily research it on their phone. This allows students to get immediate responses without disrupting the class. Students no longer have to rely on their lecturers and textbooks for information because of the vast availability of information online. Through a smartphone, they can access a wider range of materials, considerably expanding their understanding.

7. What are the 10 Advantages of Mobile?

Besides 7 reasons why students should use cellphones in school, go through the following 10 advantages of mobile:

  • The ability to talk to anyone from any place is the main benefit of a mobile phone.
  • One can access multiple social media networks in their free time.
  • Movies, games, and other forms of entertainment are all readily available on mobile devices.
  • The majority of reservations like booking railway or flight tickets can be done online utilizing mobile devices.
  • It can be used to take images and record memories.
  • Mobile phones also have other features such as a calendar, calculator, notes app, reminder feature, alarm feature, etc. which can be used to manage our activities.
  • Online shopping is possible through mobile these days without the hassle of traveling and then buying things.
  • The majority of banking operations can be availed with the use of mobile phones itself.
  • A flashlight is available in all smartphones so we don’t need to carry a torch in case the light is needed.
  • GPS location is again one of the major benefits provided by mobile. It helps us to reach the destination, track location, and many more such things.

8. What are Good Reasons to have a Phone?

Cell phones are a device with a very comprehensive range of tools. If used and managed skillfully can help the user complete a lot of tasks quickly and stay ahead of his peers and colleagues through skill development. For a student cell phone provides an effective tool to gain knowledge, exchange information, and manage time to create healthier and sustained growth. Along with these points, you should consider the 7 reasons why students should use cellphones in school, mentioned earlier. (See Why smartphones are bad for society?)

9. What are the 5 Uses of Mobile Phone?

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Apart from the 7 reasons why students should use cellphones in school, the top 5 uses for mobile phones are as follows:

  • They help in accessing information from around the world at a very low cost.
  • Exchanging information and creating a network to learn can help in the overall growth of society.
  • Connecting with loved ones has become very easy with the introduction of social media.
  • Easy access to media and entertainment helps people relax in their free time.
  • Expanding business on the internet provides benefits not only to businessmen but also to people as they can avail of a lot of services on the internet.

Mobile phones are one of the most popular devices in the modern world but for students, they are like a double-edged sword. On the negative side, mobiles act as a huge distraction and increase the waste of time and bring a negative impact on the focus of students. However, on the positive hand mobiles can be a huge boon as they can provide endless information to students at their fingertips, can help them in exchanging information, and promote auxiliary skill development through easily accessible information.

In the end like everything else, mobiles do have a good and a bad side. A good routine and properly regulating the use of mobiles can provide a student with a lot of possibilities and knowledge. I hope that, with the 7 reasons why students should use cellphones in school and many more discussions, we have reached the conclusion, and you can have a fair decision about whether students use cellphones in school or not. (See Why is it Important to do your Homework?)

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