Why is it Important to do your Homework?

What is Homework and Who invented it? Why is it important to do Homework? How does it teach Discipline, Time Management, and Setting Boundaries? What are the various Points in favor of Banning Homework?

You want to go to school with your friends but want to skip when you have not finished your homework. Every child from their early days has been asking the same question: who invented homework and why is it important to do your homework? Well, some of you even wondered whether should homework be banned. So today you will get answers to all these questions, including why you should do your homework. You will get to know about all of these as you continue reading the article.

1. What is Homework?

Every assignment or piece of work assigned by the teacher to students that they need to complete after the class is known as homework. It includes reading, writing, typing a report, solving mathematical problems, reviews of your test, or practicing before a performance. (See Days of the Week for Kindergarten Kids)

2. Who invented Homework?

According to some researchers, the first person to invent the homework was from Venice, named Dubious Roberto Nevelis. He invented this concept somewhere in the 1900s. However, in the 1st century, a Roman author, administrator, and oratory teacher asked his followers to practice public speaking after the sessions. This practice is termed the invention of homework by him. (See When was the Unicycle Invented?)

3. Who is the founder of Modern Homework?

Later on, in the 19th century, a politician and educational reformer, Horace Mann, had an influential role in the history of homework. During their period, they laid down the rules for assigning assignments to students attending public schools. They have to complete these assignments on their own. Based on his efforts, Horace Mann is considered the Father of Modern Homework. (See Why was School Created?

4. Why is it important to do your Homework?

Willingly or not, you have to do your homework because, no matter how intimidating it may seem, it is quite useful for you. Completing your assignments has various benefits for your overall development. Also, check out why is Quantitative Research Important?

5. How does it act as a Communication Platform?

Homework helps your parents and teachers to understand your level of grasping the things taught at school. It also helps them understand how to improve things to make it easier for you to learn and progress well. It gives an insight to parents about what is being taught at school. This is the primary reason why is it important to do your homework. (See What Is Algebra Used For In Real Life?)

6. How can it provide Comfort while Learning?

Home is the best comfortable place for everyone. And as for kids, they can get a peaceful environment at home to cover up things, learn, revise, and catch up with their homework. You can lose focus in class with your friends. But you can learn and concentrate more accurately at home. (See 5 Fun Kitchen Science Experiments)

7. Does it help to learn to use Learning Materials?

Learning materials include the library, internet, and other resources from which you collect information to complete your assignments. Thus, homework provides you an opportunity to learn how to use these resources accurately. (See  The Art of Teaching Art)

8. Does it develop Discipline?

Why is it important to do your homework is a separate thing, but do you agree that doing something regularly helps you understand things more easily after several attempts? It develops a habit of completing things on time and maintaining accuracy without getting yourself burdened with things at the last moment. (See Why is Philosophy important Today?)

9. How does Revision become a Habit?

Doing your homework means you get to revise things that were covered in class today. It will act as a quick revision and this will retain things in your memory. You will be able to learn things easier before you take tests and exams. However, revising the things covered today will give you an upper hand when the teacher asks questions about them in your next class. This way, you will have time to focus on the new things taught in the class rather than searching through the pages for yesterday’s answers. Must read about the List of Field of Study Examples.

10. How does it teach Time Management Skills?

Homework needs to be completed within the time limit provided by the teacher. You will learn to divide your time and work to make sure it is completed within the provided time. This habit will be beneficial in life. You will be more organized and well-maintained without any last-minute rush and stress. (See What is a Positive Mindset?)

11. Why you should do your Homework?

Homework will help you learn the importance of things that should be done first. It helps you learn how to set priorities. You will understand which activities should be avoided as they are less useful. (See Importance of Child Behavioral Psychologist)

12. How does it help with Exploring?

In a classroom, you are learning what is being taught, while at home you get a chance to know more about those topics through the internet and reference books. You can know what interests you more than others and which subject is your favorite. Also, check out when was Silly Putty invented?

13. Does it make you Independent?

There are so many reasons why is it important to do your homework, as you can learn to handle things like learning materials on your own.  You can become independent. This way, you will learn how to complete different tasks related to your homework or assignments as per your research. You will learn to handle and complete things on your own. (See Why do some students dropout of school?)

14. Is Homework beneficial for every Kid?

The amount of benefit depends on the potential of the child. Every child is different from one another. You have noticed that one child is easily following the schedule with all their homework and assignments up to date. While others face difficulty in completing the basic homework. The slow kid is unable to match the pace of the sharp kid. It hinders their progress, leading to an uneven balance in which the wiser becomes wiser and the slow one falls behind. (See Best Child Psychology Books)

15. Should Homework be Banned?

Apart from reading why is it important to do your homework and understanding all its benefits, homework does have some cons. There have been various arguments against homework but this practice should not be banned as students are regularly getting benefited from this. (See What are the 7 Laws of Attraction?)

16. How does it affect the Peace of Mind?

After a hectic day at school in back-to-back classes, you are exhausted. Sitting at a study table to complete a long list of homework may cause burnout. It also causes stress among children. (See 8 Reasons Why Children Join Gangs)

17. Is the amount of Homework equally valuable?

A considerable amount of homework regarding the revision and a couple of assignments are acceptable. But completing heaps of assignments over a short period is not helping a child to develop. The amount of homework should be balanced with the type of homework that is being assigned. (See How to Deal With a Disrespectful Child?)

18. Does it eat up Free Time?

These days, kids are more pressurized to complete their homework on time that they hardly get any time with their family or friends. Kids are losing their physical fitness due to the lack of time in which they can play outdoor games. As a result, they are more indulged in gadgets because they are available when they can spare some time. (See What to Do When You Feel Like a Failure?)

So today you got to know why is it important to do your homework and why you should do your homework. You also got to know the disadvantages that point towards should homework be banned or not. Now, it is time to share who invented homework with your friends and family. (Also read What makes up the Lithosphere?)

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