Why was School Created?

Alex Williams
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  1. Who invented school?

    The first question that comes to mind is who is behind the structure of schools, and it became so crucial that children are required to go to school everywhere by law. The name of the inventor is Horace Mann.

  2. About Horace Mann

    He was born in Franklin, Massachusetts, in 1796. He was a professor in college and used to teach Latin and Greek, plus he was also the college president. He has been given credit for creating the foundation of our modern education system. He saw that the world is demanding a set and seamless education system.

  3. Where did it start?

    The first school started in the 17th century in the 13 original colonies. The first school was made in 1635, Boston Latin School, the first public school and the oldest existing school.

  4. History

    It is not that education just started a couple of years back, it had been there for ages, but then the idea of teaching was different. In ancient times, people used to teach about religious values instead of focusing on particular areas.

    It was in 425 A.D. when the Byzantine Empire established the primary education system, but those kinds of schools were utterly different from the schools today. They were made for military personnel, and they used to share knowledge on subjects like history, mathematics, language, etc.

  5. Why is school important?

    Schools have played a vital role in the growth of development of any individual all over the world. It is the easiest and effective way to have a small group of adults teaching the more extensive section of students; this is when the concept of school came to mind.

    Schools help a person to grow and give support to your life with sufficient knowledge and skill set. You get a lot of exposure there, and it is essential for your overall well-being.

  6. Why was a school created?

    School and education have been around for ages, but their standardization is pretty new to us. The concept of passing knowledge to children is old, and you can date back to the first humans on earth. For example, parents used to teach their kids hunting skills, self-defence, taking care of responsibilities and much more.

    Later, the idea came up of teaching a group of students together, saving time and effort. This early stage of the education system started when children were taught about survival and religious ideas.

  7. Beginning of formal schooling

    The idea of formal education started in 500 AD in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. People began teaching their children about more things rather than just culture. Then during the middle ages, mathematics became the focus of education. With the coming of different period of civilization, more and more ideas came up for education.

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