What does Deleting Social Media do for You?

Why does Social Media harm you? What are the Benefits of Deleting Social Media? How can You break your Social Media Addiction? How is Life without Social Media?

Social media has connected our lives and has undoubtedly had a lot of very profound influence on us, but it is also notorious for fermenting a competitive, almost pretentious culture that tends to create desolation in an otherwise sunny domain. This trend of comparing one’s life to another’s is gruesome to one’s mental health and can put the user in a very bad place. Thus, sometimes it is a good idea to get off the grid, take a step back and breathe in life without social media. Today, you will get to know what does deleting social media do for you, including the benefits of deleting social media.

1. What are the Benefits of Deleting Social Media?

How is life without social media? Deleting social media offers a plenitude of benefits, a few of them being:

  • It significantly mitigates the distress one might experience when scouring through posts and feeds which often conduces an inferiority complex or creates a desire to emulate what one sees.
  • It eases anxiety and lets the user feel comfortable with themselves without having to put up a face or maintain an image, isolation from the news and what’s going on does really go a long way in maintaining the smile on one’s face.
  • Deleting social media helps the user focus more on their responsibilities over entertainment and recreation.
  • It helps the user get in touch with their family, tune into real life, and develop healthy and enduring interpersonal relations.
  • It will allow the user to appreciate who they are and work on ways to develop their body and mind authentically via natural interactions.
  • Deleting social media will help in reducing the intensity of any mental maladies if the user happens to suffer from one.

2. Is it worth Deleting Social Media?

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Depending on the work you do and the person you are, the deletion of social media can have different sets of impacts. A person whose business and livelihood are provided for entirely by social media will face grievous ramifications upon deleting those, but a person who uses social media entirely for recreation will not face anything serious but will end up probably in a state of relief. (See How has Technology changed Work?)

3. Will Deleting Social Media help You?

So, why is deleting social media good for mental health? It has a plethora of benefits, some being:

  • You can sleep better than before.
  • You can spend more time with your friends and family and prioritize them.
  • Getting away from social media relaxes you from the overwhelming virtual world.
  • You can spend time for whatever you love in the real world – your hobbies, passions, etc.

4. How can you break your Social Media Addiction?

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  • Switching off notifications can go a long way in isolating the viewer from the toxic environment. The absence of notifications makes the user less likely to check their social media with intent and excitement. However, mind you, this can be counter-productive if the user has anxiety because they will check it regardless.
  • Keeping the phone aside while sleeping can help the user maintain a distance from social media and the riff-raff-like habituations of the internet. Moreover, it allows the user to not have social media as the first thing they check after they awaken.
  • Developing real-life hobbies can help the user lessen their dependence on social media and help create productive outlets for their innate feelings.
  • Deleting social media apps or deleting their accounts entirely can boost a user’s self-confidence and attachment to the real world for they will not let the internet or the internet connections hold them up again.

5. What happens to your Brain When you Quit Social Media?

Significant reduction in the levels of the stress hormone after quitting social media, ushering in a more relaxed and fulfilled life for the user; it also curbs the demands for dopamine stimulation that the brain engenders when it is locked into social media.

Users detected much better academic performances and sleep after withdrawing from social media. It allowed the brain to break free from the clutches of insecurity and FOMO while building a great new world for themselves, a world based on reality. (See What is a Positive Mindset?)

6. Is Deleting Social Media good for Mental Health?

Yes, it is currently almost universally agreed that deleting social media is good for one’s mental health; however, as said before, it can vary from person to person and someone whose existence and livelihood depend on the usage of social media can become wrecked if they try to make their way out of it. (See How do I Learn to Love Myself?)

7. Why you should Delete your Instagram?

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Instagram consumes an excessive amount of time, and its addictive interface absorbs the viewer in its veil who is unaware of how quickly time has passed. The user starts living life outside a digital platform which allows them to exercise their individuality.

Social media leads to needless publicity of one’s life and often causes one or two intrusive noses to poke into a life that’s not theirs. Moreover, it just causes jealousy and depression which may lead to needless grudges and acrimony. Also, check out 13 Reasons Instagram is bad for your Mental Health.

8. What happens when you Delete Instagram?

  • You can spend more time in the real life, with your friends and family, doing what you love the most.
  • You can give importance to your privacy, which is practically non-existent on Instagram.
  • You get less overwhelmed by approval from online strangers. 

9. Should you Delete Social Media to Focus on yourself?

Yes, deleting social media is very helpful in making users focus on themselves.

10. How is Life without Social Media?

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You have learned – is deleting social media good for mental health, and about the benefits of deleting social media. Let’s now see how life without social media is:

  • The user starts living life outside a digital apparatus revolving around approval once they delete their Instagram, it allows them to exercise their individuality and be who they are when they aren’t around anybody.
  • The lack of social media makes users appreciate the world around them better and take in their surroundings in the most appreciative way.
  • It reduces stress levels and makes the user more attached and caring towards their friends and family.
  • It instills motivation and feels the user with determination and joy. 
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