Why do Asians work very hard?

Why are East Asians so hardworking? Why do Chinese people still work extra hard?

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  1. 1 Their culture values hard work

    In many Asian countries hard work is extremely valued. The common proverbs in some Asian countries praise hard workers and reinforces the culture of working hard.

  2. 2 They get high grades because they study

    A study by the National Academy of Sciences said that Asians get high grades because they study more. The study said that high grades had nothing to do with genes and that hard work was the main reason behind the high grades Asians usually get.

  3. 3 Parents exert more pressure on their children to succeed

    Researchers believe that Asian parents exert more pressure on their children to succeed and to achieve more in life. According to researchers, the Asian child is taught to value achievement and this is why he becomes a hard worker.

  4. 4 The immigrant status motivates people to work harder

    Asian Americans might work harder because the immigrant status usually motivates a person to excel to find his status in the new society he moved to. This might be one reason why Asian Americans usually achieve high academic results.

  5. 5 They believe talent can be learned

    Some researchers believe that Asians usually work harder because they believe that talent can be learned. This is also aligned with their culture which glorifies hard work.

  6. 6 Society expects them to succeed

    Some other researchers believed that parents have nothing to do with Asian children working hard but they claimed that society in some Asian countries expects a person to work hard and become successful and this kind of expectation pushes a person to work hard.

  7. 7 Asian Americans believe they have a great chance

    A study has shown that most Asian Americans believed that being in the US can give them a bigger and a better chance. As a result of believing they have a great chance, many Asian Americans become motivated to study more to take full advantage of the chance.

  8. 8 To bring pride and honor to the family

    Some Asian cultures take pride in achievements and see them as a way of bringing pride and honor to the family. Under the effect of those positive values many Asians work harder to achieve those goals.

  9. 9 Stereotypes can easily become a reality

    According to psychologists, people unconsciously work to make stereotypes given about them come true. This is why blondes do bad at math when they grow up. This might be the reason why Asians work hard or get high grades.

  10. 10 Some parents think that academic achievement reflects successful parenting

    In a study done among Chinese immigrants, many parents strictly believed that academic achievement reflects successful parenting. This might be one reason why some Asian parents push their children to study hard or succeed.

  11. 11 Asian immigrants have to overcome many barriers

    Asian immigrants usually have to overcome cultural and language barriers. This kind of pressure put on them by those strong forces pushes them to work harder to achieve their goals.

  12. 12 Asians value education so much

    Most Asian cultures value education and glorify people who get higher education. This is contrary to the college drop out culture embraced by some Americans. Many Asians value education and academic degrees and this is one reason they study hard.

  13. 13 Asians spend more time in school

    In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell said that school years in Asian countries are longer than that of the United States. According to his theory, this gave Asian students an advantage in learning over american students.

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