Why do Asians work very hard?

Alex Williams
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  1. They believe in talent

  2. More Immigrants

    Immigrants encourage other people to work harder and smarter. Probably, migrants moved into the new society to earn more, for which they already know that they would require to make consistent efforts. So, they are ready to work hard and even motivate others to work as dedicatedly as they do.

  3. They study and get high grades

    It is said that being successful has not much to do with higher grades, as you can take many examples that haven’t even completed their high school. Still, they are successful. Asians study more due to which they are proficient in getting higher grades as compared to the rest of the people in the world.

  4. Asian culture knows the value of hard work

    Asian culture reinforces the culture of hard work in their society. Moreover, several countries in Asia immensely praise the people who are working hard to achieve their goals.

  5. Parents exert pressure to work harder

    Asian parents persistently exert pressure on their children to work harder in order to reach a successful path in their lives and attain a fulfilling life. The best part is that most Asian children are taught to value achievement, which makes them work harder. (See How peer pressure may influence an individual?)

  6. Asians believe in themselves

    Asians are way too confident and believe that their existence has some specific reason behind it. They search their purpose of life, define their mission and vision, and achieve their goals in life.

  7. Society expects them to succeed

    When society expects more out of a child, they are motivated to work harder and live up to their expectations.

  8. To bring pride and honor to the family

    Asian culture takes pride in achievements and believes that working hard and getting success is one of the ways of bringing pride and honor to the family.

  9. Asian parents think that the achievements of their children reflect successful parenting

    The primary aim of their parents is fulfilled if their child is working hard and lead to the path of success in their life. Asian parents also believe that this will portray their successful parenting image to society.

  10. Stereotypes can easily become a reality

    Asian people work unconsciously to make stereotypes give about them come true, which might be one of the reasons that Asians work harder to get higher grades.

  11. Asians spend more time at school

    As per most Asian countries’ cultures, the people spend more time at school than the rest of the continent’s countries in the world, be it the Unites States or any other. This enables them to learn more and better and provides them with an upper hand to learn meticulously.

  12. Asians immigrants have to overcome many barriers

    The pressure on Asian immigrants is higher than that of the migrants of North America, South America, or Australia. They undergo several cultural and language barriers. The intense pressure put on them compels them to work harder to achieve their goals. (See Why should goals be measurable?)

  13. Asians spend more time in school

    In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell said that school years in Asian countries are longer than that of the United States. According to his theory, this gave Asian students an advantage in learning over american students.

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