When will AP Scores be Released?

What Time do AP Scores release? What Percent is a 5 on an AP Exam? Do Colleges look at Senior Year AP Classes? What’s the Hardest AP Class?

Advanced placement tests or what is known as AP tests can be used in many ways. You can use them for credit or for placing out of certain college course requirements and even to show the academic officers that you went the extra mile academically. These are marked on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). If you score anything from 4 and above, you might earn college credit without paying the tuition fee. If your college admission is lined up and you are waiting for your AP scores and are clueless about their release, keep reading this article. We would shower light on what time do AP scores release and when will AP scores be released this year.

1. What Time do AP Scores release?

For many of the tests that you have given or are planning to give or have even heard of, you know there aren’t any specific timings for the release of their scores. But unlike any other test AP scores are released at a specific time. Want to know what time do AP scores release, keep reading.

When will AP scores be released? AP scores are scheduled to release at 7 am EST between mid-June and early July with varying dates. (Also read Why do Schools exist?)

2. How do you Check your AP Scores early?

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AP scores are released on the AP student website through the username and password of the College Board account. Hence, officially there isn’t any way to check your AP scores early. But, depending on your time zone, some scores are released early hence enabling you to cheat the system but only by a few days. There are loopholes existing in every system, and here you can use it to your advantage by changing your computer’s time zone, or travel out of state, or maybe utilizing an out-of-state friend. (See Should Cell Phones be Allowed in School?)

3. What Percent is a 5 on an AP Exam?

We already know AP scores are graded on a scale of 1 to 5. So, is 5 on an AP scale considered 90% and higher? Let’s find out what percent is a 5 on an AP exam. There are some examinations that are the exceptions to this rule of thumb but otherwise, 70-75 percent out of 100 usually translates to a 5. The number 5 addresses the person to be extremely well qualified. (See What is 78 percent grade?)

4. When will AP Scores be released?

As a student when you are eagerly waiting for your scores, questions like when will AP scores be released, and what time do they release are quite common. The results for the year 2022 are already out on July 5th. The preparation for the next year’s exams has begun and the schedule for it has already been released. The exam will be administered over two weeks in the month of May and the result would be out around the June end and July’s first week. This is your answer to when will AP scores be released and, now you can plan your study. (See Why is it Important to do your Homework?)

5. What’s the Hardest AP Class?

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AP classes can be your ticket to your dream college but the road to it goes through some notoriously tricky papers. While registering for the exam, a lot of students are concerned about what’s the hardest AP class. Well, here’s the answer. AP Physics 1 has the reputation of being the hardest AP class followed by AP U.S. history and AP Chemistry. (See 10 Reasons why GPA doesn’t matter)

6. Should you Retake an AP Exam if you got a 2?

You can definitely retake the AP examination. However, you can only give the exam once a year but you can definitely apply for it in the subsequent year. APS are not compulsory to apply to college but if you need a higher score to stay ahead of other applicants then it is a good idea to take a year, prepare well and take a retest. (See What First Class with Distinction means?)

7. What is the Easiest AP Class?

Now that we know what’s the hardest AP class let us also learn what is the easiest AP class. According to some surveys, the top 3 easiest AP classes are Physics C: Mechanics, Calculus BC, and Spanish literature. These three classes have the highest passing rate and are known as the easiest classes to study. (See Who invented math?)

8. Is AP Chem or Bio harder?

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The thing about finding what subject is harder really depends from person to person. AP bio involves much memorization and AP chemistry uses more dimensional analysis and application of differential equations involving general and integrated sets of laws and rules. Students often find AP bio a little less difficult than AP chemistry. (Read Why Studying Is Important?)

9. Is APUSH or AP Bio harder?

Again, depends on the person and their interests. If you like to study more science in the future without a blink, go for AP bio. APUSH requires a lot of work, notes, and effort to ensure your knowledge of all topics. The definition of hard differs from person to person for some people, anything with a bio attached to it is difficult and for others, it might not be the same. But if hearing the majority, APUSH is easier and less stressful than AP Bio. (See Why do some students dropout of school?)

10. Do Colleges look at Senior Year AP Classes?

Well, yes colleges do look at senior-year AP classes. Even if they don’t, AP classes are a good way of earning extra knowledge and credits. If you did not take AP classes as a sophomore then taking them in your senior year is a sign of your seriousness and maturity. AP scores show the college that you are ready to succeed at college-level work. And it is always suggested to take these exams seriously because a good AP score can save you a lot of money. The benefits of AP exams outweigh all the disadvantages.

This article enlightened you about what the AP examination is, when will AP scores be released, and the easiest and the hardest classes of AP. We also spoke about the importance of AP classes and their relevance for college admissions. We hope this article would prove to be helpful in clearing any doubts you had. If you are a student contemplating whether or not to take up AP exams, hopefully, you are able to make a decision now. Best of luck! (See Why Do Exams Cause Stress?)

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