What is 78 Percent Grade?

Is 78 percent A or B? What grade is B+? Is 78 percent a bad grade? Why is E not a grade?

Have you ever had people tell you that scoring good grades isn’t that difficult? This idea of getting good grades tends to add a lot of mental pressure on you. Do you also ever wonder how these grade categories of grades are determined? If we have A, B, C, D, and F as grades, then why is E not a grade? If I score 78 percent, is 78 percent an A or B? Is 78 a failing grade? In this article, we will walk you through the grading scale and discuss whether a 78 percent grade is enough to get into college and whether these grades even matter.

1. What is 78 Percent Grade?

Grading and marks are tricky concepts as it depends on the situation and you will know when it matters the most and when it is just a scoring number. So, a person should be told to put their best foot forward, be satisfied with whatever they’ve achieved, and then make small targets to try to achieve them one at a time, rather than going after grade marks only. However, people with minute differences in their grades fall into different grades, which ultimately labels them as good, average, and bad.  Different grading systems are accepted around the world and the most common two types are:

  • Grading Percentage (0–100%): Graded as percentage marks, e.g. 78 marks out of 100 are calculated as a 78 percent grade.
  • Letter Grading (A–F): The student will be graded any of this letter according to the marks secured.

The GPA (Grade point average) or the CGPA (Cumulative grade point average) is common. GPA is calculated by taking the average of all subjects of a particular period, which could be the end of term or semester. And CGPA is dividing the GPA by the total number of credits in the semester. According to this scale, a particular category of marks falls under a specific GPA and CGPA and is given a particular grade.

For example, 97 out of 100 percentage marks get 4.0 (highest GPA), 10 CGPA (highest CGPA), and get an A+ grade. Similarly, 78 percent fall under 2.3 GPA, 8.1–8.3 CGPA, and C+ grade. (See Why is Mathematical Concept Important?)

2. Is 78 a Failing Grade?

No. If you are also worried about failing with a 78 percent, then relax. 78 percent grade is not a failing grade. Only an F grade is considered a failing grade, and 78 percent is nowhere around F. Anything between 70% and 79% falls under either C or C+ grade.

3. Is 78 a Good Mark in University?

Yes. The label of a good mark depends a lot on the country and the university. Although in foreign universities, anything above 60 percent puts you in a good place for employment, under-graduate, and post-graduate programs. In India, the university level percentage between 60 and 79 is considered excellent and very difficult to achieve. The pandemic has changed many dynamics with respect to the universities’ criteria of admission worldwide. (See What First Class With Distinction Means)

4. Is 78 Percent an A or B?

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Do you remember the days when the result used to get out, and you used to calculate the percentage hurriedly? After getting the percentage, did you ever wonder what grade it would fall into? Taking 78 percent grade as an example, let’s find out whether is 78 percent an A or B. As told previously in the article, a specific percentage range is put into a particular grade with a specific GPA and CGPA. According to this system, 78 percent neither fall in A nor B grades. 78 percent grade falls under the grade C+. Must read why is Quantitative Research important?

5. What Percentage is B?

The number of marks and percentage devoted for a person to fall under the category of grade B differ in different colleges, universities, and countries. According to the detailed grading scale in India, 83%–89% of marks, which make a CGPA of between 8.7 and 9.0, fall in the grade B category.

6. Is 78 a B+?

The different grading systems accepted and applied by different colleges and universities in different countries create a lot of confusion amongst the students regarding what percentage falls into what grade. In Canada, 78 percent grade is a B+, whereas, in Australia, 78 percent is an H2A (second class honors, upper). In India, however, 78 is not considered a B+ and falls under the C+ category. Also, check out What is 18/20 as a percentage?

7. What Grade is a B+?

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Is a B+ better grade than B? Is B+ closer to an A grade? These questions often come to our minds. The grades with the same letter with just a + sign added tend to confuse people and often raise questions like these. B+ letter grade, on a scale of 4.0 GPA is 3.3 GPA, and a percentage grade of 87–89. B+ is a better grade than B.

In terms of merit, a B+ grade means more marks than a B grade. B grade is considered average, and a B+ is better than average. B+ is almost an A. It is just a distinction that says you’re better than average but not good. These grades have negligible margins, and it is always heartbreaking to miss a grade because of these little partitions. (See 10 Reason why your GPA doesn’t matter)

8. Is C+ a Good Grade?

No. There are always different ways to look at everything. No grade is bad, and it is not the deciding factor for the rest of your life. But if we talk from the university or college admissions perspective, the grade letter definitely matters. To start with, C+ is very much a passing grade; no, it is not a bad grade. However, in terms of merit, it is not considered a very good grade either. C+ indicates a satisfactory performance with a scope of doing much better. (See Why is it Important to do your Homework?)

9. Why is E Not a Grade?

Has it ever occurred to you that we have A, B, C, D, and F as grades, but why is E not a grade? Well, some schools still give out E grades instead of F, but the reason behind not using the E grade is very interesting. The letter grading system began to become popular in the 1930s and schools weren’t that eager to use E as a grade because they feared that the students and parents might misinterpret it for excellent. This resulted in the omission of E from the letter grading system. (See Why do exams cause stress?)

10. Is 87 a Good Grade in College?

Yes, 87 is considered to be a very good score in college. At the school level, 75–85 percent is considered average, and anything above 95 is outstanding. However, college and university don’t work like this. At the college/university level, 60–79 percent is considered difficult to attain. So, 87 percent is something that is absolutely an outstanding grade for college students. (See Why is studying important?)

A, B or C are just letters that determine nothing. These grades do not say how capable and deserving you are and how willing you are to learn. Even if you failed in terms of grades, as long as you tried and as long as you feel satisfied where you are, and you feel good enough, you’ve passed the test of life. We really hope this article was able to help you get some insights into the grades (especially the 78 percent grade) and the grading system across the world. (Also read What are Some Examples of Categorical Variables?)

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