What is the Opposite of Many?

What is the Opposite of Numerous? What is the Opposite of One? What is meant by Few? What is the Meaning of Not Much?

The world we live in is filled with opposites. Everything has its opposite, from the simple word of the English language to the immeasurable concepts of life. Language is a funny thing with its unpredictable rules and laws. It is fun to learn and know about things that are new and unique. The word many is used very commonly by all of us regularly. Have you ever wondered what is the opposite of many? So, let’s find out the different terms associated with the opposite of many answer and synonym of the word many. Also, you will learn the opposite of numerous.

1. What is the Opposite of Many?

The opposite of many is some and few. This is a simple concept that everyone uses on a daily basis. It is used to refer to things and their quantity. For example, the cars in the parking lot of your office are too many, so when you go to the office on a non-working day, it feels unreal to see only a few cars parked there. (See What is the Opposite of Near?)

2. Is Less Opposite of Many?

No, less is not the opposite of many. It may seem like the same thing or a similar one, but it isn’t. The opposite of less is more. You use less and more while comparing two things. For example, Siya’s drawing is more beautiful than Chinki’s drawing. The use of many and few are done considering things that can be counted. For example, many chocolates were kept in the box, but now there are only a few. (See What are SWABIs in Grammar?)

3. What is the Opposite of Many Answer?

The opposite of a word is the antonym of it. The opposites of the word many that people answer are

4. What is the Opposite of Not Many?

The opposites of not many are many or a lot of. This word can also be said as few. This is a very regularly used word. You use this in your daily life to refer to things or activities around you. For example, even though that plant was planted long back, there are not many flowers on it. (See Stupid Sayings That Make No Sense)

5. What is the Opposite of Many Times?

The opposite of many times is hardly ever or infrequently. The meaning of hardly ever is rarely. Hardly is considered negative used with words like any and ever. This word is used to describe events that rarely occur. For instance, she is so busy with office work that she hardly ever takes a break. (See What is the Opposite Word of Rainy Season? )

6. What is the Opposite of Numerous?

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The opposite of numerous is few. Numerous is used to describe things that are many or large in number. And the opposite, few, is used to describe things that are few in number. For instance, just a few days are left for her to complete the target. (See What is Dense Forest Meaning and Definition?)

7. What is the Opposite Less?

The opposite of less is more. Less describes things that are low in quantity, whereas more is used when there is an ample supply of something. Less and more are a part of life. They create a balance among things. 

8. What is the Opposite Word?

The opposite is the antonym of a word. The opposite of a word is contrary to it. It can be the reverse of a word too. There are opposites for every word, and sometimes the opposite word can be easily achieved by adding a prefix to it such as:

9. What is the Opposite of One?

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In English, the opposite of one is none or zero because if there can be one of something, then there can also be none. This is the nearest opposite of one.

If you take the numerical form of one, i.e., number 1, then the opposite of a certain number is the number you have to add to it to get the additive identity, i.e., 0 as an answer. So in math, the opposite of 1 is (−1) because when you add these two, the answer you get is equal to 0. (1 + (−1) = 1 – 1 = 0). (See What does 2/3 plus 2/3 equal?)

10. What is the Synonym of the Word Many?

While knowing what is the opposite of many, it is necessary to know the synonym of the word many. Below are the synonyms of many:

11. What is Mean by Few?

The meaning of few is a small number. It is used to describe how less things are or emphasize how small a number is. This is a very common concept used by most of us in everyday life. It explains things or objects that are not many. For instance, I have only a few dresses left because I donated the rest to the needy. (See What is Intricate Text in Grammarly?)

12. What is the Meaning of Not Much?

The term not much is a term that is used to describe something that is less or not up to the mark. This is a negative term used to describe a thing that is not very good in the term. For instance,

  • My neighbors are not of much help.
  • She is not much talented, but she gives herself airs.

In this article, we have covered what is the opposite of many answer and how a certain word can be said in different ways. The same word can have many antonyms and synonyms that make it interesting to use. The language is overall an engaging thing to learn about. (Also read What do Cherokee Symbols mean?)

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