What are SWABIs in Grammar?

What are Conjunctions and their Types? What are SWABIs, FANBOYS, and THAMOs? How to use them in Sentences?

Grammar and language are two faces of one coin. By the way, do you know, there are around 7151 languages spoken in the world out of which 40% are endangered with less than 1000 speakers. Since we are talking about English grammar today, let us find out what are SWABIs in grammar and do SWABI need commas. Also, you will get to know the difference between SWABIs and FANBOYS. I am sure you must have heard about FANBOYS.

1. What is meant by Conjunctions?

A word or words that join other words, clauses, and phrases together are known as conjunctions. Inserting conjunctions helps you to form complex and elegant sentences. Although, provided, besides, because, etc. are all examples of conjunctions. Take a look at the sentences for a better understanding.

  • Although he seldom studies, he is a topper.
  • They can listen to the music provided no one disturbs them.
  • She plays hockey and badminton besides basketball.
  • He eats at home because he does not like restaurant food. (See What are Text Features?)

2. What are Subordinating Conjunctions?

The words and phrases that connect the dependent clause to the independent clause are known as subordinate clauses. You can show a cause-and-effect relationship with these conjunctions. The examples of subordinate conjunctions are SWABIs. (See What are the Types and Examples of Text to Text Connections?)

3. What are SWABIs in Grammar?

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The term SWABIs is the acronym used for the subordinating conjunctions, namely since, when, after, because, and if. For example, after I baked the cakes, Jina covered them in frosting. 

4. Do Swabi need Commas?

Whether there will be a comma or not depends on where you are using the SWABIs. Yes, take a look at the following two conditions for placing or omitting the commas in SWABIs.

  • When you are starting a sentence with a Swabi you will have to place a comma between the independent clauses
  • If you are using a Swabi in the middle of a sentence, there will be no comma. (See What is Intricate Text in Grammarly?)

5. What are some Ways to use Swabi in Sentences?

Following are the SWABI sentences:

  • Since – He never ate non-veg since he had a pet chicken.
  • When – He fought with her when they met last week.
  • After – You can call me after I reach home.
  • Because – You should not play here because it is far from your home.
  • If – What if, he never believes me?  (See How to Describe the Sun in Creative Writing?)

6. What are Coordinating Conjunctions?

Conjunctions join words, phrases, and clauses that are equal to them. They join an independent clause within the compound sentence. This quality of theirs makes them somewhat similar to conjunctive adverbs. Fanboy is an example of coordinating conjunctions.

7. What are Conjunctive Adverbs?

This is a special type of adverb that is used to connect two independent clauses or sentences. They use the second clause for modifying the first clause. I guess you are still finding what are SWABIs in grammar. They can have a period, semicolon, and comma after them. For example, meanwhile, nevertheless, next, thus, therefore, etc. are a few examples of adverbial conjunctions. (See What are the Words that are both Nouns and Verbs?)

8. What are FANBOYS and THAMOs in Grammar?

Similarly, FANBOYS are the acronym given to for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. They represent coordinating conjunctions. For example, I baked the cakes, but Jina covered them in frosting.

The acronym THAMOs stands for: therefore, however, also, meanwhile, otherwise. THAMOs are conjunctive adverbs. For example, I and Jina spent all night making cupcakes; meanwhile, John decorated the lawn for the party. (See What does BC stand for in Text?)

9. How to use FANBOYS in Sentences?

Take a look at the following sentence examples.

  • For – She must have been exhausted, for she slept for more than 10 hours.
  • And – I would love to take my coffee with milk and cream.
  • Nor – John is not at home, nor is he at his friend’s house.
  • But – I like coffee, but my sister likes green tea.
  • Or – Would you like to have some tea or coffee?
  • Yet – She has weak bones, yet she still manages to do all her chores herself.
  • So – I have not slept well since yesterday, so I have a headache. (See 15 Most Popular Riddles With Answers)

10. How to use THAMOs in Sentences?

Here are the following sentences to understand THAMOs better after knowing what are SWABIs in grammar.

  • Therefore – He likes apples; therefore, his wife often makes apple pies.
  • However – It was almost lunchtime. Ria, however, did not want to eat.
  • Also – He is a football player; also, he likes to play it too often.
  • Meanwhile – You should set the table; meanwhile, I am putting food on plates.
  • Otherwise – He knows how to use scrape food; otherwise, all food would have been wasted. (See What is an Example of Expository Text?)

11. Why are these Conjunctions summarized in Acronyms?

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The motive behind combining the subordinating conjunctions was to make it easier to memorize. People find it easier to use conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs together to combine ideas. It is also known to have increased the speed of writing. (See What are Filler Words in Writing?)

12. What is the Difference between SWABIs and FANBOYS?

As you are aware of what are SWABIs in grammar and what are FANBOYS, take a look at the major difference between SWABIs and FANBOYS:

  • SWABI stands for since, when, and, because if while FANBOYS mean for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.
  • SWABIs are subordinate conjunctions while FANBOYS are coordinating conjunctions.
  • Swabi connects a dependent clause to an independent one while FANBOYS connects two independent clauses.
  • When SWABI is used in the beginning, a comma will be between the clauses but when FANBOYS do not. connect two ideas in different sentences there will not be any comma.
  • When SWABIs are used in the middle of the sentence there will be no comma but when FANBOYS connect two. ideas that are possibly each a sentence of its own, then there must be a comma in front of fanboys. (See Examples of Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe Quotes)

13. What is AAAWWUBBIS?

Look at AAAWWUBBIS after understanding what are SWABIs in grammar. The acronym AAAWWUBBIS refers to after, although, as, when, while, until, because, before, if, and since. You can use these words and make the dependent clause depend on the sentence. 

14. How to Frame Sentences with AWWUBIS?

You can use them as follows:

  • As – He is as perfect as a person can be.
  • When – He lost the way when coming home late at night.
  • While – The phone always rings while I am doing the dishes.
  • Until – Kids love to play until it gets dark.
  • Because – He is whispering on the call because he is in a library.
  • If – I will come over only if the temperature is mild.
  • Since – They have been friends since college. (See Meaning and Use of Fingers Crossed in a Sentence)

15. What is WABBITS?

These subordinate conjunctions are the acronyms for when, where, while, after, although, before, because, if, though, and since. With these words, you can connect a less important idea to a more important idea or even the main idea.

16. Can you Frame Sentences with WABBITS?

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Yes, here are the sentences:

  • While – He informed me about the party while I was preparing for another function.
  • Although – I better get good grades, although the competition was tough.
  • Before – He arrived a day before yesterday.
  • Because – He was not at the farewell because he left town.
  • If – Even if he apologizes, people will not forgive him.
  • Though – She does not like cooking, though she enjoyed baking for her family.
  • Since – You cannot meet her since it is the weekend. Must read about the High Five Quotes.

So, today you got to know about what are SWABIs in grammar and SWABI need commas. It is time to ask your friends about the difference between SWABIs and FANBOYS and share who gave the best answer. (Also read Stupid Sayings That Make No Sense)

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