What do Cherokee Symbols mean?

What are Cherokee known for? What is Cherokee Real Name? What is the Cherokee Alphabet called? What are the Cherokees Colors? What Animal represents Cherokee? What is a Cherokee Bird?

Cherokees are tribes that live in America and are native to America. They have made their own Cherokee symbol for protection and also use them as a mode of communication between them. There are numbers that are said to be sacred to the Cherokee.  In this article, we would learn about what do Cherokee symbols mean and what is Cherokee alphabet called. 

1. What are Cherokees known for?

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Cherokees are known for a variety of things including stone implementations that included knives and chisels. They are famous for making pottery, weaving baskets, and cultivating corn and maize. They are also known for hunting bears and deer. (See What Does Nomad Stand For?)

2. What is Cherokee real name?

The Cherokee real name is Aniyvwiya which means the real people or Anigaduwagi also known as the Kituwah people.

3. What is the Cherokee Alphabet called?

The Cherokee alphabet called a syllabary which specifies that every Cherokee symbol not only represents vowels and consonants but also represents a syllable. The alphabets are arranged in a form of a chart where one column represents Cherokee vowel and one row represents Cherokee consonant. (See The Interesting History of Alphabet)

4. How many Symbols did Cherokee have?

There are presently 85 Cherokee symbols (earlier there were 86 symbols) that contain the spoken and written language of the Cherokees. In the next segments, you will get to know some facts related to what do Cherokee symbols mean. (See How to Learn Tut Language?)

5. What are the 3 Cherokee Tribes?

The 3 Cherokee tribes are:

  • The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians (UKB) in Oklahoma.
  • The Cherokee Nation (CN) in Oklahoma.
  • Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) in North Carolina. (See Three types of native American Shelters)

6. What is Sacred to the Cherokee?

The thing sacred to the Cherokee is two numbers. They are Four and Seven. So, what do Cherokee symbols mean as numerical? Take a look:

  • Four represent the four primary directions that are East, West, North, and South, and in the center of their paths lies the sacred fire.
  • Seven represents the seven directions East, West, North, South, Above, Centre, and below. It also represents the seven ceremonies that form the yearly religious cycle of the Cherokees. (See What Does 42 Mean?)

7. What is Cherokee Blue?

Cherokee Blue is the biography of a Cherokee Indian named Blue Hothouse. His ancestors walked the Trail of tears away from Cherokee. (Also see What is the story behind 241543903)

8. What is the Cherokee Symbol for Protection?

As we are on the topic of what do Cherokee symbols mean, let’s see the Cherokee Symbol for protection. It is shown by the two arrows that are presented in a circle since weapons were used as symbols for defense and protection by them.

9. How can You say God in Cherokee?

We can say God in Cherokee as UNETLANVHI which is known as the divine spirit and has no human form. (See Who is the Strongest God of Destruction?)

10. What is the Cherokee Star?

The Cherokee nation seal contains or is depicted by a seven-pointed star in the wreath of leaves of Oak and it symbolizes the eternal flame of the Cherokees.

11. What are the Cherokees Colors?

The Cherokee colors are Red, Black, Blue, and White. Each color holds a symbolic meaning.

  • Red stands for East and symbolizes Success.
  • Black stands for West and symbolizes Death.
  • Blue stands for North and symbolizes Defeat, Disappointment, and Failure.
  • White stands for South and symbolizes Peace and Happiness. (See Why do We Wear Black to Funerals?)

12. What Animal represents Cherokee?

Image by Wayne Linton from Pixabay

The cougar and the owl represent Cherokee. It is believed that these two were the only animals who stayed awake during the seven nights of creation. (See What Symbolizes Bravery?)

13. What is a Cherokee Bird?

A Cherokee bird is a Cardinal. It has great significance and importance in the history of the Cherokee Tribes. It is known to be a carrier for both good news and bad news. If this bird sings around your home, then it signifies that visitors can visit. (See What does it Mean when a Monarch Butterfly Visits you?)

14. How can You say Death in Cherokee?

The language spoken by the Cherokee people is known as TSALAGI. You can say the death of a person in Cherokee as AYOHUHISDI pronounced as Ah-yo-hoo-hee-s-dee. (Also read Dead as a Doornail or Doorknob Meaning)

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