What Symbolizes Bravery?

What is Bravery? What symbolizes Bravery? What is the Symbol of Courage? What Animals symbolizes Bravery?

In tough circumstances, you always compose yourself or other people using the phrase be brave. Bravery is a very overrated word often used by people as a way to motivate somebody. Some desire it, some possess it and some symbolize it. In deeper terms what is bravery and what symbolizes bravery? Is it the symbol of courage or something else?

1. What are the Symbols of Courage?

Courage is the power of confrontation. When faced with negatives like fear, pain, obstacles, agony, and uncertainty this power comes into play and lets you decide to tackle the unfavorable circumstance. (See What Does 42 Mean?)

Humans aspire to display courage in their lifetimes. They also like the representation of the symbol of courage in their cultures and religions. Here are some of the famous symbols associated with courage,

2. What are the Symbols of Strength?

Humanity has survived on this planet for a lot of years. It has lived through a lot and has a lot to say. Different cultures around the world depict their story of strength through various symbols. Around the world, there are many symbols like Griffins, Phoenix, Lotus, Hamsa, Oak Tree, Boar, Bull, Lion, Tabono, Aztec eagle, the Symbol of Li, Djed pillar, etc, which represent strength. (Also read Do Bulls Hate Red?)

3. What symbolizes Strength and Courage?

In this world, every human desires to attain the ultimate level of strength and courage to reach great heights in their life. The lion is a symbol that holds the power to symbolize both strength and courage. It is majestic, courageous, fearless, proud, acts on its instincts, is powerful, and holds a lot of strength. To know about what symbolizes bravery, read the next point. (See 7 Fun Facts About White Lions)

4. What symbolizes Bravery?

Symbols are used throughout history to simplify and convey complex ideas and concepts. What symbolizes bravery is different in different cultures.

  • Like a bear symbolizes strength in Native America. In the Middle East and India, Lion is a symbol of bravery, and the boar is used to symbolize the same in Europe.
  • For Romans, the javelin is a symbol of bravery.
  • In Western Africa, the symbol of Okodee Mmowere is used to depict bravery and strength.

There are many such symbols backed up by different cultures. The cultures choose their symbols based on their historical, geographical, and artistic beliefs. (See What does Pepega mean?)

5. List top 14 ancient Symbols of Bravery & Courage with Meanings

Since ancient times symbols have been in existence and are used to depict complex concepts more simply. Cultures around the world use different symbols to depict the same things. Different things hold different weights in different cultures, one symbol can be very important to one culture and can mean nothing at all in another. Here are some 14 ancient symbols that depict what symbolizes bravery and courage around the world.

  • Bear: This is a symbol used by Native Americans to depict strength, courage, leadership, and bravery. It was also known as the protector of the animal kingdom. In certain tribes when two warriors were the first to charge at an enemy, they were called Grizzlies.
  • Eagle: Among North American and European cultures it is a symbol of strength, wisdom, bravery, and honor. It is seen as such a sacred symbol here because of its power and size. This symbol was used by many western countries and duchies in their heraldry. Native Americans gifted their warriors with eagle feathers when they won any battle or if they were brave in any fight.
  • Okodee Mmowere: It is used in Western Africa and is an adikara symbol for strength and bravery. It looks like the talon of an eagle or a hawk.
  • Lion: It is denoted by strength, bravery, courage, and nobility in India and the Middle East. Because of its authority and power in natural surroundings, it became associated with these things. In Persian art, they are painted beside kings or sitting on vigilant soldier graves. In India, the word Singh is used as an honorific or surname by Rajputs who are a Hindu warrior class.
  • Boar: It is used in Europe and embodies the virtues of a warrior. If you killed a boar it would prove your strength and valor. In Greek mythologies, all heroes killed or fought boars once in their lifetime. This symbol was also used by Germans and Scandinavians on their helmets and shields. (Also read What is the Scientific Name for Pig?)
  • Wolf: It depicted the courage, family value, and endurance of the Native Americans. Before wars, the Apache warriors sang, prayed, and danced to gain the traits of this animal. To improve hinting success the Cheyenne would rub their arrows against wolf furs. Must read 8 Tame Wolf facts.
  • Thyme: In European societies, it is known as a symbol of courage and bravery because of its potent medical and aromatic properties. Ancient greeks used this in their baths and burn it as incense with the belief that it was a source of bravery. Women often gave thyme leaves to departing soldiers to bring them great courage.
  • Gugnir: It is the name of Odin’s spear in Norse mythology. It was linked to courage and self-sacrifice because of the tale of Odin’s sacrifice. He stabbed himself from Gugnir and hung from the world tree for nine days and nights to discover the runes and cosmic knowledge.
  • Kwatakye Atiko: This is used in Western Africa and is an adinkra symbol of courage. Its shape is inspired by Kawataye’s hairstyle. He was a very brave and fearless war hero of the Ashanti people. Some think of him as real whereas some think of him as a mystical being.
  • Web of Wyrd: It coveys that destiny bounds everything and even gods. The past, present, and future are interrelated according to it. It states that you should stop living in fear of the future and face the tribulations of the present with a brave and strong front.
  • Javelin: It is a common weapon used by Romans and also linked to the Roman deity Virtus. It embodied bravery and military strength.
  • Tiwaz: This T-shaped symbol looks like a spear and is used by Norse people. It identifies with Try, the Norse god of Justice and war. He was the bravest among all the gods and thus this symbol portrays courage, honor, self-sacrifice, and bravery.
  • Tiger: It is used by the Meitie people of India. Their chief Goddess Panthboli is often depicted riding a tiger. Since she is the goddess of power, war, peace, romance, and courage these things also resonate with the symbol of the tiger. (See What is a Herd of Moose Called?)
  • Morning Star: It is used by Native Americans to symbolize hope and guidance. It symbolizes purity and courage.

6. What Flower symbolizes Bravery?

Flower symbolism has been in existence for ages and is even very fascinating today. You use flowers to express emotions and achievement. In Japan, peony flowers can be counted in the list of what symbolizes bravery. These flowers are also called the king of flowers in countries like Japan and China. They are used on big important days and are also used in religious traditions. They symbolize bravery, prosperity, honor, and good fortune. Earlier these flowers were only used by emperors in China. The borage flowers have also been a symbol of bravery for ages and were even used by warriors before battles to gain courage. (See Types of Trees with Purple Flowers)

7. Which animal symbolizes Bravery?

In the mythologies around the world a lot of animals are used as a symbol of bravery but what tops the list of these animals are Lions. These predators are on the top of the food chain are fearless and always go for things they want. They profess fearless courage, strength, royalty, and bravery. The fearless characteristic of this animal is what symbolizes bravery in the best possible form. (See What Does a Rabbit Symbolize?)

8. What is the Symbol for Bravery and Nobility?

Animals like lions, dragons, and bald eagles are widely used to represent bravery and nobility. These are used in national flags, currencies, and even logos to represent these qualities. Go through the following point to know more about what symbolizes bravery and nobility.

9. What are symbols of Strength and Love?

Love takes a lot of strength and patience to bloom. Humans are a very expressive species and throughout the year of their existence have expressed emotions like love or strength through symbols. You can see their symbols in paintings, literature, sculptures, music, and even other artworks. Symbols used to portray love are,

Whereas symbols like Tabono, Hamsa, Ailm, boar, bull, scarab, etc are used to illustrate strength be it physical or inner strength. Also, check out the 18 Symbols that Represent Love

10. What are the Feminine symbols of Strength?

People often think of strength as a word solely associated with patriarchy or masculinity. But on the contrary, you can see a lot of feminine symbols throughout cultures as strength and power symbols. If you feel vulnerable you can lean on these feminine divine symbols for strength. A few examples of these are symbols are

  • Lotus, Moon,
  • Athena, Lioness, Triquetra,
  • Rising Phoenix, Swan,
  • Inverted triangle, Inguz rune,
  • Triskelion, Venus, etc.

These symbolize strength in a very unique and feminine way. Must read the 8 Quinceañera History Facts.

11. Pics of common symbols of Strength and Courage Tattoos

People often tattoo things that they want to manifest in life and who don’t want strength and courage in a life full of uncertainties. The common symbols of strength are Tabono, Hamsa, Ailm, boar, bull, scarab, etc. (See Dead as a Doornail or Doorknob Meaning)

Whereas the symbols of courage are lion, griffin, dagger, borage, golden fish, red, etc. You can get any of these symbols tattooed if you want to engrave some meaningful life motto on your body that signifies what symbolizes bravery and courage. (Also read What is a Flight of Stairs?)

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