What are the Synonyms of Looking Forward To?

What is another word for looking forward to? Looking Forward To Synonyms

  1. 1 What does ‘looking forward to’ mean?

    Looking Forward To is one of the frequently used groups of words in sentences. It means to believe in the future occurrence of something or to feel excited about something that is going to happen. Looking Forward To also used at the end of formal letters when someone is hoping to see or hear from the other person in response.

  2. 2 How do we use ‘looking forward to in a sentence’?

    When it is used in a formal letter; it is usually written as ‘looking forward to hearing from you’. Looking forward to can also be used in case someone wants to interpret their feelings. For instance, ‘he is looking forward to going to the mountains next month’.

  3. 3 What are the synonyms of ‘looking forward to’?

    There are plentiful synonyms for this word, including anticipate, await, expect, assume, expect,  hope (for), and watch (for). Many other words related to ‘looking forward to’ includes depend (on or upon), rely (on or upon), count (on or upon), bank on, presume, contemplate, predict, foresee, prophecy, envision, and envisage.

  4. 4 Antonyms of Looking forward to?

    The words that are opposite of looking Forward To include doubt, hopeless, overlook, ignore, dismiss, and forget.

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