What is the Opposite of High?

What are the Synonyms and Antonyms of High? What is Long Opposite Word? What is Deep Opposite Word?
What is the Opposite of High

High is a word which is used to express something that is greater, or extra than normal, in quantity, size, or intensity. Sometimes they are used to portray things which have a greater vertical extent or people who are lofty and tall. We often find this word in multiple grammatical sentences and you may wonder about its usage, the high opposite word and other synonyms and antonyms of high. Today, in this article, you will learn what is the opposite of high, the opposite words of deep, tall and long. 

1. List 5 Synonyms of High and their Usage in Sentence

A synonym is a list of words which hold similar meanings to a particular word. Mostly all of those words can be used to refer to a particular situation. These synonymous words, however, in some instances, can’t really be used to describe any similar words in any situation, you have to know the exact meaning and then go ahead and use it in a sentence.

Let’s explain it with an example. For instance, the words big and long almost hold close meanings but if you are referring to an object which is longer in size, you would take the word, long, as in long pencil; and if you want to describe a thing from the perspective of its total surface area, you have to consider the word, big as in the big room.

Five synonyms of high are as follows:

  • Big: She has a big house.
  • Long: The line is too long for us to wait.
  • Great: He has a great personality.
  • Huge: There is a huge oak tree in the neighbourhood.
  • Immense: She inherited an immense amount of strength.

2. List 5 Antonyms of High and their Usage in Sentence

What is the Opposite of High 7

Opposite words are words that refer to two entirely distinct things and in contrast to a certain meaning. Let’s assume, if we talk about the word, summer, its opposite would be winter. Both these words indicate contrasting weathers of the day where you will have two different climates experiencing hot and cold temperatures. Opposite words are also called antonyms, whereas, synonyms are used to refer to similar words. Now that we have learnt about the synonyms of high, let us look at what is the opposite of high and the usage of the high opposite word.

The five antonyms of high are as follows:

  • Little: Her little pup is so cute.
  • Miniature: He bought a miniature version of Iron Man.
  • Tiny: The kid has a tiny toy car.
  • Small: Her house is really small.
  • Low: The volume of the movie was very low.

3. What is Deep Opposite Word?

The definition of deep is to depict the depth of something or the extent to which it goes. It also expresses something which is strongly felt or something that is difficult to understand. Deep is also used to express some psychological thoughts of a person. The antonym of deep is shallow. For example, the neighbourhood well is quite shallow. (See Word Play! What is Opposite Word of Familiar?)

4. What is Tall Opposite Word?

What is the Opposite of High 8

The definition of tall is having a surprisingly super height or of extra than common stature. It describes the length at which something stands. The antonym of tall is small. If someone asks you, what is the opposite of high, then you can tell these words can be used in multiple references and small is one of them. For example, her height is too small to even be recognised as an adult.

5. What is Long Opposite Word?

What is the opposite of high? Its opposite has the almost same meaning to long. The definition of long is measuring a distance from one end to the other. It shows the width of something or even expresses a lengthy duration of something. The antonym of long is short. For example, the lecture went on for a short period. (See What is the Opposite of Many?)

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