Word Play! What is Opposite Word of Familiar?

How many Meanings does the Word Familiar have? Are the Words Similar and Familiar same? What are the Synonyms of the Word Familiar?

Familiarity resembles knowing or understanding an object or thing. For example, when you meet school alumni you become familiar with that person or you become familiar with the Taj Mahal as you have read, heard, and seen images about it during school. So, what can be the opposite word of familiar? Is it unfamiliar? Let’s find out, along with another term for familiar and much more.

1. What is Opposite Example?

Opposite means something different or contrasting to a particular thing. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction just like everything on Earth has an opposite to it. Opposite means someone or something that is on a different tangent than you or another side as compared to you, in other ways being complementary to or antagonistic to.

For instance, a person standing across the street from you which is dark and light, slow and fast, up and down, left and right, these are all kinds of opposites that mean different things. (See What is the Opposite word of Rainy Season?)

2. What does Familiar With mean?

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Familiar with means to interpret, recognize and understand a person, place, or object around you. Being familiar with certain things helps in better conversations and more contributions in a good way to the object or subject in question.

Familiar with is a phrase used to depict that the person knows or has seen this thing or person somewhere. So what does familiar with mean? It is associating two things or places or people when seen together or apart.

For instance, I am familiar with that street, She is familiar with the Tally software that was being taught in the class. (See What is a Few?)

3. What Type of Word is Familiar?

Familiar is a widely used word and an adjective that can be interchangeably used with words like common, general, intimate, recognizable, accustomed, frequent, usual, and so on. Familiar is a very casual word used to show that you know something and that something is known, seen, or heard of.

The phrase familiar with means a particular place, object, or, the person connects things with another thing. (See What are the words that are both Nouns and Verbs?)

4. What Word means Not Familiar?

The opposite word of familiar is unfamiliar which means not familiar. Unfamiliar means something unknown or strange. Unfamiliar can be a noun or an adjective. Synonyms for unfamiliar are new, novel, original, unaccustomed, unprecedented, and unseen whereas the antonyms are familiar, hackneyed, old, tired, warmed-over, and so on. Must see What do Ice and Cold Symbolize?

For example,

  • Neena saw plants at the park that were unfamiliar to her.
  • Rohan passed by an unfamiliar face.
  • The maps took the troupe to an unfamiliar location. 

5. What is Opposite Word of Familiar?

The opposite word of familiar is unfamiliar, which can be interchangeably used with these words like- unknown, dissociate, strange, and so on. One word can have so many different uses that can enhance and make people understand your talk. 

Example of an unfamiliar – David had been away for so long that his hometown had become unfamiliar to him. Hence, the opposite word of familiar is by now well understood by all of us. (See What is the Opposite of Many?)

6. What is Another Term for Familiar?

Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay

Another term for familiar is well-informed or acquainted. Knowing or recognizing the facts and facets of a place or person gives an insight into the whereabouts and a better experience.

Familiarity begins when you meet people, visit places or hear/read stories from around the world online or through word-of-mouth. In day-to-day life, we carry out many activities and meet or read a lot and that is how we become acquainted with a lot of things. When you are familiar with specific things, locations, or people, you experience a sense of belonging, whereas unfamiliar things make you feel uncomfortable even though they teach you something new. (See What is the Opposite of Natural?)

7. What is Another Word for Not Known?

Other words for not known are unknown, unidentified, anonymous, mysterious, unrecognized, and so on. When you haven’t experienced or heard about something you become unknown of the fact and cannot really speak about it but definitely can learn about it from others who know it.

For example, the new GST rates and policies are not known to the accountants of the firm. Check out the Different words for Breasts.

8. How can You say Unfamiliar?

The word unfamiliar, which is the opposite word of familiar, can be said and used in many ways in between conversations like how well this new novel seems quite unfamiliar to many including myself. Unfamiliar in Spanish can be said as Desconocida or Desconocido depending on who says it, a female or male.

In literal ways, if it is pronounced as uhn-fuh-mil-yer in English and French, you say Inconnue or Inconnu. If looking for synonyms of the word unfamiliar then there are many like foreign, exotic, curious, alien, unheard of, bizarre, and so on. (See What are SWABIs in Grammar?)

9. What is an Example of an Unfamiliar?

We have understood the opposite word of familiar, i.e. the word unfamiliar above by a few examples which were places and things based, now let us explain it from a different perspective through a short story and another person-related example.

An example of an unfamiliar is – Upper elementary pupils should be taught how to interpret an unfamiliar term when they encounter new vocabulary in books or other reading materials.

Harvey and Joe were playing video games on their Playstation, eating popcorn, and drinking cool drinks on a sunny day when they completely missed a strange noise. They only realized the vase had shattered and that there was also a strange-unfamiliar scent emanating from it when they went outside to get more food. Ever wondered what that might be? What did they discover as they got closer to the broken vase and examined it carefully? There you go, some odd mice. Must read What are Some Words to Describe a Mountain?

10. How can You give Meaning to an Unfamiliar?

The basis, suffixes, prefixes, and synonyms, and the use of a word’s antonyms are essential for comprehending, implementing, and utilizing a word’s true meaning. You may easily assign meaning to unknown terms and utilize them wisely and successfully in talks by following the methods indicated above.

  • Cut it into fragments,
  • Consider contextual cues,
  • Establish relationships with other terms you’ve heard,
  • Draw parallels to your own life,
  • Make a wild estimate, even if it’s incorrect, and finally check a dictionary for a definition.

 Additionally, this can assist in enhancing your vocabulary and linguistic skills. (See Elephant Eating Meaning)

11. What is the Correct Meaning of the Word Unaccustomed?

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

The word unaccustomed is an adjective and we have by now learned to decipher an adjective and a noun well. Every word has an opposite word and so the opposite word for unaccustomed is accustomed and the opposite word of familiar is unfamiliar as we already know.

The word unaccustomed is spelled with the help of four syllables Un + uh + Kust + uhmd. One word has many synonyms and can be used widely according to the context not habituated, unusual, and strange are all synonyms of the word unaccustomed.

In the proper sense, being unaccustomed refers to something that you are not accustomed to or familiar with. For example, The Olympic world champions are standing in a surprising fourth place. This is unusual right that is what unaccustomed means which means not being able to decipher or understand the happenings in a situation. (See What is the Opposite of Near?)

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