What is the Cool S Font Called?

How to Type a Cool S Font? What is the Origin of the Cool S Font? How do you Draw Cool S font with just 6 Lines? How to Write Cursive S?

Everyone knows about the letter S, the wicked and graffiti-looking S, which school kids always scratch on the pages of their workbooks or on the whiteboard when you are out of the sight of the teacher. S is basically an English letter, also known as graffiti, and it is officially trademarked. We need to be careful where to use it. Do you know what is the cool S font called and how do you type a cool S. Another interesting question is where did the fancy S come from? In this article, we will give you the answer to all this.

1. What is the Cool S Font Called?

The cool S font is called the Stussy S, Superman S, Graffiti S, Diamond S, or just cool S. This symbol has been there for years in many cultures. (See What are Text Features?)

2. How do You Type a Cool S?

Now, you got your answer to what is the cool S font called. Well, you might want to know how do you type a cool S. Hence, these are a few steps for typing the cool S:

  • Draw 6 Lines
  • Draw housetops
  • Draw two diagonal lines
  • Draw final lines adjoining the diagonal ones.

3. Where did the Fancy S Come From?

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels

You will always acknowledge the symbol as two rows of three vertical lines connected by four diagonal lines and then limited with the two-thirds of a triangle to form a stylized S. It is found everywhere where children all over the world draw it. But where does it all start or where did the fancy S come from?

It has been a very big mystery that famous internet hackers everywhere are still trying to find out. There were so many discussions online, nearly 40. There is a strong relationship with the American clothing brand Stussy. Many people, even the spokesperson for Stussy, associate the cool S with its company; however, there is no evidence. Finding the origin is challenging. Who is to claim that it’s an S, exactly? Finding its source is made more challenging by the fact that it could stand in for a variety of different things. It’s possible that the pattern from ancient times served as the origin. Therefore, its origin is uncertain. (See Who Invented The English Alphabet?)

4. How do you Draw a Cool S Font with Just 6 Lines?

As you are aware of what is the cool S font called, take a look at the following steps to know how to draw this font:

  • Draw six lines horizontally.
  • Draw an upside-down V-shaped letter that could connect the first line with the third line.
  • Draw a V shape that connects the 4th line with the 6th line.
  • Draw a line that connects the 2nd bottom line with the 3rd bottom line. Draw the line which connects the top of the 4th line with the top of the 5th line.
  • The bottom of the first line and the top of the fifth line should be connected by a diagonal line. The bottom of the second line and the top of the sixth line should also be connected by a diagonal line.
  • It should now look like S.
  • Draw horizontal lines in the corners on the right side of the letter S.
  • Now, let’s connect the top 3 lines together and then connect the bottom lines together.
  • Now you will have 3-dimensional S shape letters.

5. What are the Best Websites for Free Fonts?

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
  • Google Fonts
  • Skyfonts + fonts.com
  • Font bundles
  • Behance
  • Dribble
  • Dafont
  • Urbanfonts
  • Fontspace
  • Fontsquirrel

6. How do you Draw Bubble Letter S?

  • Draw a circle shape, and add one circle across the other.
  • Draw another circle with the shape of another.
  • Draw another small circle towards the left of the last one.
  • Draw the last circle from the previous circle and connect them with the top and bottom erase extras.
  • After erasing, whichever is left is your perfect bubble letter S.

Helvetica is the world’s most popular font. It is used for signing and designing the forms like invoices and receipts. It is easy to read since it has a significant height X which makes it look larger than its original size. It makes an awesome choice for the customer’s needs. It is a very good option to leave a natural impression. (See Top 16 Hanukkah Spelling Variations)

8. How to Write Cursive S?

  • Start with any pencil on the bottom pair of lines.
  • To the top of the pair of lines, draw a diagonal, slightly curved line.
  • Draw a small loop that will take your pen direction back towards the bottom of the page.
  • Now you need to cross back over the first line while drawing a soft little semi-circle.
  • Cross over your diagonal line and continue past the point at which you would ordinarily stop if you were drawing a print.
  • Draw a small hook to the right, which you would use to connect any letter to S.

Everything we learned in school was written in a cool typeface. Superman, Stussy, and Graffiti are examples of cool S fonts. It has long been a widely used font. By following the easy instructions above, we can draw the stylish S font. It is still unknown who invented this stylish S typeface, which was first used in North America. I hope you were able to use this article to learn more about Cool S like how do you type a cool S, what is the cool S font called and where did the fancy S come from. (See What do Cherokee Symbols mean?)

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