What happens when you link Instagram to Tinder?

Linking your Instagram to Tinder lets your potential matches scroll through your most recent Instagram images.
  1. People can see your Instagram photos

    When you link Instagram to Tinder, the people you didn’t match can still see your Instagram photos. A person can easily click on your profile and see all of your Instagram photos before matching you.

  2. The most recent 34 pictures will appear

    Your 34 most recent Instagram pictures will appear in your account. People will be able to visit your Instagram account to see more pictures.

  3. Pictures will appear even if your account is private

    Your most recent Instagram pictures will appear on Tinder even if your account is private. If your account is private, a person will only see your most recent pictures, but if they visit your Instagram account through the link, they won’t see anything.

  4. People can visit your Instagram profile

    When you link Instagram to Tinder, any person can easily visit your Instagram profile. Tinder will provide a link to your Instagram account and so the people who haven’t matched you yet can still visit your profile on Instagram. (See Why is Instagram so FAKE?)

  5. People can track your social network accounts

    Once a person manages to access your real Instagram account, they can use the information they find to track your other social network accounts.

  6. People will get your Instagram information

    When you connect both accounts, people will get your full name and your personal life from your Instagram profile. People will also find your Instagram username. (See Why is Tinder bad for your mental health?)

  7. Your Instagram’s privacy settings won’t change

    Linking both accounts won’t change your Instagram’s privacy settings in any way. People will only be able to see your recent pictures through your Tinder account, but they won’t be able to do it on Instagram if your account is private.

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