Why is Tinder bad for your mental health?

Are ‘swipe left’ dating apps bad for our mental health? Why is Tinder bad for your mental health?
  1. Loss of self-esteem

    Tinder lowers down one’s self-esteem as this application is designed to either accept or reject others and that too quickly. If some people reject a person, they may suffer from a loss of self-esteem and respect.

  2. People become unpredictable

    Most of Tinder’s users are volatile as they use this dating site that can make them easily find new partners. As soon as they get bored with one partner, they switch to others. This way, they keep on being inspired and influence their friends to never stick on one partner.

  3. Oversupply of people

    Tinder is a site of ample users. Millions of people use this dating site in search of finding a suitable partner for themselves. One of the facts to quickly find a new date only after making a few swipes on the screen makes this dating site much more selective and increases the possibility of rejection.

  4. Shallow rejection

    It is only the looks of a person that plays a crucial role in deciding whether they want to date the other person or not. Tinder rejection is not based on what’s the inner beauty of a person. This aspect makes the selection criteria not very much concrete on Tinder.

  5. The desire for innovative partners

    The chemical dopamine is released in the brain as soon as a person expects a reward or even when they feel happy. The release of dopamine makes a person feel in great pleasure. The same way, Tinder empowers to release dopamine in the brain, preventing you from settling down as you keep on swiping for new dates. (See Why dating apps are bad for you?)

  6. It’s addictive

    As you are aware of dopamine, which is in itself is an extremely addictive substance, this dating site is very addictive as it enables to release dopamine. The fact that you are finding a new partner, the excitement when someone replies to your text message, makes this app really addictive.

  7. Can make you feel ugly

    Tinder boosts the chances to be rejected. The reason is evident as people are in abundance, and most people accept the request of other people solely based on the physical looks of a person. If others are rejecting a person, they may end up thinking that they are not good looking, which is why they are not getting any matches.

  8. You can be replaced with a swipe

    No matter who you are, what you are, you can only be replaced with a single swipe. Even if you have developed intimate relations with your partner on Tinder, your partner could easily replace you with a swipe as soon as they get disinterested or dissatisfied with you.

  9. People have a narrow mined approach

    Some people on Tinder are only looking for one night stands. They are not emotionally connected with the person. Instead, they are just looking to use their self-esteem and ruin it.

  10. You might make a match with the wrong person

    While you get a match on Tinder, you cannot judge another person based on their physical looks. This way, you can be misguided and emotionally tortured by your match, if that person has bad intentions. While, some people enter all their details incorrect, for instance; age, profile picture, which can be deceiving. (See Why Instagram is bad for relationships?)

  11. Comparisons can ruin your self-esteem

    If your closest friend is getting ample matches, and you are experiencing abundant rejections, it could lower your morale, confidence, and self-esteem.

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