JAN23 What does High Top Seating Mean

What does High Top Seating Mean?

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There are billions of people in the world and so are restaurants. Different types of restaurant settings have evolved over the years. Different themes, delicious food, variety of seating, etc. are the plus points for restaurants. You must have seen different types of chairs and stools in the restaurants and while escorting you, the waiter asked you about the type of seating you would like. Were you also stuck and wondered about standard vs high top seating? Did you Google to find out what is high top seating at a restaurant? Or what does high top seating mean?

1. How many Types of Seating are used in a Restaurant?

Classically, there are 5 types of seating arrangements adopted by most restaurants. Seating is the most important aspect of a restaurant that determines how comfortable the guests are. Different types of seating at a restaurant are as follows: 

  • Bar Seating
  • Classic Booth
  • High Top and Stools
  • Picnic-Style Banquet Table
  • Sofa & Coffee-Style Seating

2. What is Bar Seating?

Nowadays, restaurants are trying new things occasionally, and bar seating is one of them. It has a standard-height counter paired with a high top stool or chairs. It may sound uncomfortable but making the stools as comfy as chairs by using the one with a backrest and cushioned seats makes it more comfortable. People who want some alone time while dining or want to have a drink while awaiting their dinner prefer to bar seating. (See How to Size a Rough Opening for Bifold Door?)

3. Which Type of Seating is Classic Booth?

The corner seating with conjoined front and backseat facing opposite tables is known as classical booth seating. This type of seating has a place for 4 and offers a cozy, comfy, and warm dining experience. The height is the same as standard seating.

4. What does High Top Seating Mean?

This type of seating means only chairs or stools. These stools or chairs are taller than the standard dining chairs and are designed especially to be paired with tables that are higher than 42 inches from the ground. The height of high-top chairs or stools is typically 30 inches or more and is popular in restaurants and bars. This is what does high top seating mean in a dining space. (See Where is IKEA Furniture Made?)

5. What is Picnic Style Seating?

Do you remember the seating arrangement when you went on the camping trip with your class? The long table paired with a long bench of the same length but slightly shorter in height than the table is known as picnic-style seating. This type of seating is also seen in breweries apart from restaurants.

6. What Type of Seating is Coffee & Sofa Style?

Fine dining restaurants, outdoor restaurants, lavish fireplace restaurants, etc. offer you such types of seating where coffee tables are paired with sofas or cushioned chairs. They are considered best for a romantic dinner or a dinner date as it is comfortable and the sofa or chairs are of standard height. It cannot accommodate more than 2 people and is great for drinks and small appetizers.

7. What is High Top Seating at a Restaurant?

In a restaurant, this seating uses high tables and no chairs but high stools. Yes, there are no chairs at the table, and you can enjoy your meal by taking a stool. Here you understand better what does high top seating mean. Bars and nightclubs often have this type of seating, but slowly it is becoming popular in restaurants too. It gives a casual and relaxed atmosphere to the restaurant. It is suitable for restaurants with limited space or that want to try something new other than the traditional table and chair setup. 

8. What is Standard Vs High Top Seating?

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Few restaurants have a mix of seating arrangements to comfort different types of customers. But it is better to know the difference between standard and high top seating before you make the reservation next time. Take a look at the table below:

Standard Seating High Top Seating
Seating with tables of an average height of about 28 inches from the ground is the standard seating. High top seating has tables or stools around 42 inches in height.
Standard seating has 2 to 4 chairs. High top seating mostly does not have any chairs but has stools, but you can take one on demand.
The height of a chair in standard seating is around 18 inches. A high top seating arrangement has chairs or stools that are 30 inches from the ground.

9. Is a Standard Counter as High as a High Top?

The height of a standard counter in a restaurant is almost the same as that of your kitchen counter. Typically, the height of a standard counter can be around 36 inches from the ground. These counters are paired with high-top seating or are just standing counters without any seating arrangement. Standard counters are not as high as a high top counters. After learning about what does high top seating mean this was another point to remember.

10. What is a Non-Regular Table?

Any table that is not of the height of a standard table is in the category of non-regular tables. High top tables and counter high tables are counted in this category. Often in bars, this type of seating is preferred as it gives a more relaxed environment to the customers.

11. What does Counter Seating Mean on OpenTable?

You can make reservations for a seat at a bar or counter or a standard seating at a restaurant on the OpenTable website. Counter setting on the website refers to the reservation for a table at a bar or counter. The term counter seating is interchangeably used for bar stool seating. (See 13 Best Types of Pillows to Get Comfortable With)

12. What does Standard Seating Mean in OpenTable?

If you are searching for a standard table of average height for a family dinner you have to look into the standard seating option on the OpenTable website. Here they will refer you to the best standard seating arrangements in different restaurants. Typically, the results will show you the tables with 28 inches of height from the ground.

13. Why do People prefer High Top Seating over Standard?

People of different ages visit restaurants and bars. They have different preferences and choices about the place and type of seating. After understanding what does high top seating means, take a look at the few possible reasons why people prefer high top seating:

  • High top chairs provide a chance to notice and be noticed by others.
  • People love socializing and are looking out to meet new people while dining.
  • High top seating is suitable for large groups as less space is occupied.
  • People who prefer to relax without having to follow the table manners and sit comfortably go with high top seating.

14. Is High Top Chair and Bar Stool Same?

Yes, both terms are often used interchangeably, but they have some common differences. It has been highlighted below: 

  • Bar stools are higher than high top chairs.
  • There is a backrest in bar stools and high top chairs do not have any backrest.
  • Bar stools are only used at bars and counters. High top chairs are used with high top tables and standard-height tables.

So, did you understand what does high top seating mean? Now you can accurately decide while making online reservations. What about standard vs high top seating, which one do you prefer? What are your views about both the seating? What is high top seating at a restaurant? Well, the answer to this is hidden in the height of the tables and chairs above. (Also read 3 Types of Native American Shelters)

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