13 Best Types of Pillows to Get Comfortable With

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A good night’s sleep is essential for everyone to function properly. Be it an office employee or a student or a housewife. Even more so for people stepping out every day. All of us need sound sleep, and your pillow plays a vital role in it. You might not have pondered over it, but there are various pillow types for different sleeping positions with several sizes, weights, and designs. Today, in this article, we’ll share various health conditions with matching best types of pillows to get comfortable with.

Pillow Types and Their Necessity

Pillows come in different shapes for different usages as per the proportion of foam and cloth used in the making. The appropriate support form can be especially crucial for people with spinal problems to let the spine rest comfortably. The body’s chance to heal itself from the day’s postural, physical, and nervous challenges is adequate and restorative sleep.

Before jumping to the best types of pillows, you need to check some important criteria, such as:

  • Height/loft: When choosing between high and low pillows, think about your needs and sleeping position. You can avoid aches and pains by doing so. The finest pillow strikes the perfect mix between the two.
  • Body type: If you’re tall, you’ll want a cushion that is at least five inches high. A four-inch headrest or less will be the greatest sleeping pillow if you have a short profile. A full-body pregnancy pillow is also a good choice if you’re pregnant.
  • Body aches: Keep your medical issues in mind always. Choose a pillow that provides comfort and relief from aches and pains if you suffer from persistent body pain caused by injuries or other underlying problems.
  • Sleeping position: We’re all conscious of our sleeping positions. If you haven’t already, spend a few nights figuring out how you like to sleep. (Also read The 3 Most Common Sleep Positions And Their Health Effects)
  • Current mattress support: Consider the mattress you’re sleeping on to determine which pillow is best. For instance, memory foam pillows are the best if you have a memory foam mattress.
  • Firmness: It is a highly crucial component that should not be disregarded because it directly impacts your degree of comfort and quality of sleep. Your body pressure can influence the amount of hardness you require for adequate support.

These were the must-know factors about pillows and now, let’s move to the best types of pillows to get comfortable with.

1. Cotton Pillow

Cotton pillows are losing appeal in favor of newer synthetic materials such as memory foam. Yet, cotton pillows are traditional pillows with distinct advantages, especially for people allergic to synthetic materials.

  • Cotton pillows are known to be allergy-friendly.
  • You can easily clean the cotton pillows.
  • The fabric of a cotton pillow is both light and breathable.
  • A cotton pillow will have a long life with no odor.

However, the cotton pillows require regular cleaning due to the fear of dust mites and molds. It could also become lumpy if it doesn’t contour to the head or even after wash. (Also read Is Sleeping Late Bad for Health?)

2. Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are gaining popularity because they conform to your body, suitable for various sleeping positions. As a result, your head and neck may shape the memory foam pillow into the most comfortable posture for you. 

  • Memory foam pillows give the best support for neck and back pain relief for a long time.
  • Unlike cotton pillows, memory foam pillows do not clump due to head contours or washes.
  • It also helps people with the body’s contours as it can conform to any head shape and size with optimum comfort.

Sometimes before you buy a memory foam pillow, you need to select a foam density that does not restrict airflow during sleep. Some memory foams keep your body warm, which would not be recommended in summers. (See How to Have a Good Night Sleep?)

3. Down Pillow

The soft fibers adjacent to a goose, duck, or swan’s skin are used to make down pillows. Check the down to feather ratio when choosing a down pillow, because these pillows are often combined with feathers. Finding an ethically sourced down pillow is also vital. Because down comes from animals, it’s crucial to look for the Responsible Down Standard, which governs the ethical treatment of ducks and geese. (See Argentine Lake Duck Overview)

  • Down pillows are moldable and adequately supportive to the head and neck.
  • These pillows are long-lasting, with a lifespan of several years.
  • The down pillow is incredibly lightweight.
  • It is plush and comfortable and provides people with proper insulation.

But on the other hand, this of the best types of pillows can give a bad impression because:

  • It retains body heat, making it easy to overheat.
  • There is a possibility of allergic responses.
  • The maintenance of the loft necessitates fluffing of the pillow.
  • It is not easy to clean these pillows thoroughly.

4. Down Alternative Pillow

Down alternative pillow is an alternative to the traditional down pillow. The majority of down alternative pillows are filled with polyester to simulate the sensation of down. Down substitute pillows made of polyester are hypoallergenic and much cheaper. A down replacement pillow is an excellent option if you want a soft down feel but don’t want to use actual feathers.

Still, there is a possibility of lumps formation over time. Down alternative pillows are impossible to mold, and the insulation is less effective than the actual down pillows. (Also read Why reading makes you sleepy?)

5. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Traditional memory foam pillows are being replaced with shredded memory foam pillows. Shredded memory foam is a fantastic fit for practically every sleeping preference because the filling memory foam shreds may be added or removed based on the individual’s choice.

  • Shredded memory foam pillows share adaptable assistance.
  • This type of pillow does not clump.
  • It is easy and quick to clean.

Unfortunately, off-gassing of chemicals is a certain possibility. Over time, it may become obsolete and eventually unusable. (Also read Why most Egyptians sleep late?)

6. Polyester-filled Pillow

The polyester fiber-filled pillow is another of the best types of pillows, also known as poly-fill. They are a popular pillow option for those on a tight budget.  It is light in weight and non-allergic helping people with any allergy condition. On the other hand, poly-fill pillows absorb heat and become lumpy rapidly due to the cheaper substance used in their production. It also makes this pillow non-durable. (Read Why Do Some People Hate Summer?)

7. Latex Pillow

Latex pillows are becoming increasingly popular due to their great support for your head and neck while remaining soft and comfortable. Solid and shredded latex pillows are both available in the market.  

  • Longevity is the main factor of this one of the best types of pillows.
  • You can mold this pillow to any degree without any problem and consequences.
  • Latex pillows are cool and breathable.
  • Additionally, they are environmentally friendly.

However, be cautious with latex-blend pillows because they are frequently combined with hazardous polyurethane foam. This might display negative health results. These pillows are also expensive and develop an odor over time. (Also read How to Get Rid of Bad Breath? 25 Home Remedies to Keep it Away)

8. Feather Filling Pillow

Feather pillows are filled with a conventional filling that provides excellent support without losing form. Feather filling is a perfect choice if you want something comfy and supportive. These pillows are lightweight as they are made up of feathers and thus maintain the form pretty well. The ability to mold is the essential factor for these pillows.

But it also requires fluffing to retain loft from time to time for extended durability. As it is made up of feathers, there’s no surprise that it isn’t easy to clean. Also, many feather pillows contain a small amount of down, so people who are allergic to down should check the composition of the feather pillow before buying. (Also read Why do I feel bad when I wake up?)

9. Gel Pillow

Gel pillows are advertised as being able to keep individuals cool at night. Many gel pillows are made of gel mixed with another substance, such as foam or latex, to combine the cooling effects of gel with the softness. These pillows are of low maintenance, and the cooling sensation they provide during sleep only augments the sleep quality further. Like most of the pillows on this best types of pillows list, it is hypoallergenic.

It sure is costly as compared to the other best types of pillows on this list. Like memory foam, the gel material is solid and keeps its shape well, but it can’t be shaped to meet the contours of the sleeper. So for some sleepers, it might be too firm. (See 16 Best Types Of Mattress That Will Improve Your Sleep Quality)

10. Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat pillows have long been popular in Asia, but they’re only now making their way to the United States as well. Buckwheat shells provide a solid yet breathable filling for these pillows. Buckwheat pillows are modifiable and guarantee longevity. And these pillows are breathable and cool to the touch.

Due to buckwheat shells present as fillings, these pillows get heavy and uncomfortable to sleep on for some users. It’s worth noting that the buckwheat shells can be quite noisy if you move around in your sleep. (See How to Breathe through Both Nostrils?)

11. Microbead Pillow

Next on the best types of pillows list is a Microbead pillow. They have a similar sensation to buckwheat pillows, but they’re built of a synthetic material known as homogenous polymer particles. As a synthetic substitute, microbead pillows offer many benefits as buckwheat pillows, such as breathability and adaptability, but they may lose their shape more quickly.

Moreover, off-gassing of chemicals may develop problematic complications to your allergies. A Microbead pillow doesn’t last long and maintains the heat after getting it from your body. (See Why do some people cover their face with a blanket when they sleep?)

12. Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo pillows have been on the rise in the sleep market, considering their antibacterial and moisture-absorbing characteristics. Most bamboo pillows have a shredded foam inner and a bamboo viscose exterior, so you receive the benefits of a shredded memory foam cushion with the bonus of bamboo’s cooling characteristics. It is made up of non-allergenic material. Like some of the pillows mentioned in this best types of pillows list, the Bamboo pillow is heavier in comparison and cleaning it is a tedious task. (Also read Why do I keep waking up in the night?)

13. Kapok Fiber Pillow

Kapok fibers are the fluff from the seed pods of the Ceiba tree, a rainforest tree. Because the fibers are inherently buoyant, they’re frequently utilized as a natural mattress filler. Although hypoallergenic, these fibers have a similar feel to down. They’re soft and light, but they’ll need fluffing from time to time.

  • It’s supple, light, and airy.
  • Kapok fiber pillows are hypoallergenic and create a loft.
  • Mold and mildew resistance is built into the product.
  • It is environmentally responsible, naturally biodegradable.

Combustible substances are present in these pillows and if it catches on fire, it is difficult to put out. Also, harvesting labor can be inconvenient and costly. (See How to put out someone on fire?)

Muscle growth, hair growth, and hormone regulation are connected to a night’s sound sleep, and pillows too, play a critical role. Today, we shared the best types of pillows to get comfortable with. Don’t hesitate to share your experiences with these pillows in the comment section below!

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