What is the Most Informal Speech Style?

What are Types of Speech Styles? Is Speech Formal or Informal? What is the Most Standard Style of Speech? What is Speech Formal Style?

Speech style is the variation of speech used by people to communicate with each other. Each person has a different style when they speak and it depends upon various situations. It is not the change of language but the style of using the language. In this article, you will learn all about speech and its styles including the various forms of speech styles, and the most informal speech style. As you dive deep, you will know what is referred to as a standard style of speech, and what is formal communicative style. Along with these, you are about to get an idea of what is the least formal speech style which will eventually help you in the future for sure.

1. What are Types of Speech Styles?

Speech style plays an important role in our daily lives as it is used at different times and in different places in order to communicate. The variation of speech is a much broader term as it includes different accents, dialects, linguistic styles, and sometimes even different languages where contrasts can be found based on various social reasons. Speech style can be divided into five types. The five types are as follows:

  • Frozen Style
  • Formal Style
  • Consultative Style
  • Casual Style
  • Intimate Style

2. Is Speech Formal or Informal?

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A speech can be both formal as well as informal. However, it depends upon various situations and certain other factors. To use a formal or informal type of speech, you need to be aware of certain situations of where or with whom you are going to speak. The following are such situations when to use formal or informal speeches.

You have to use formal language whenever you are:

  • Talking to your superiors or the elderly
  • While working on legal documents
  • Public Seeking
  • During Job Interviews

You have to use informal language whenever you are:

  • Talking to colleagues or peers
  • During meeting minutes
  • When socializing with clients
  • During team meetings
  • While talking with friends

3. What is the Most Standard Style of Speech?

The most standard style of speech is the casual style. It is defined as the style applied in our daily conversation. It refers to the conversation in a relaxed and normal situation. People tend to use the casual style when talking with friends, family, or with whom they have a close relationship. One of the characteristic features of casual style is the usage of only the first name or a nickname when addressing someone or one another.

The casual style involves two devices, named Ellipsis and Slang.

  • Ellipsis: Ellipsis is the omission used of unstressed words, which usually occurs at the beginning of sentences. These are highly remarkable as they portray the difference between casual grammar and consultative grammar. For example, I think that I can’t run become I think I can’t run.
  • Slang: It is a non-standard word known and used by specific groups. It is something that is recognized and used by everyone but none can define it. For example, want to become wanna, going to becomes gonna, and girl becomes a chick. 

4. What is Speech Formal Style?

The formal style is a style that is used in formal situations. The main characteristics of this style are the usage of complex grammatical rules, using correct spelling along with appropriate sentence structures. It refers to a much more serious, professional tone, with long specific words involving low-toned speeches and avoiding repetitive words. For example, we, I, they, you, etc are avoided while using the formal style of speech. (See How to learn tut language?)

5. What is Informal Writing Style?

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The informal writing style is best described as the way you usually speak with your friends, families, or anyone with whom you built a close relationship. It is the type of style that you use in your daily life. This involves the usage of slang and indulges the usage of grammar and spelling mistakes as well. The informal style does not restrict the use of abbreviations, humor, sarcasm, etc. (See What are filler words in writing?)

6. What is the Least Formal Speech Style?

The least formal speech style is the casual Style or the informal style. It is because both of them are used during conversations between friends and close people where they already have a piece of shared background information. It is also the standard style of speech. (See Physical Barriers to Communication Are?)

7. What is the Most Informal Speech Style?

Intimate style is the most informal speech style. The best possible way is to understand this through the title itself. As the name is, this style of speech is used with the people you are close or intimate with, such as friends, family, very close ones, etc. Basically, the most informal speech style is used where you share a private bond with the person you speak with. The intimate style is characterized by the usage of ellipsis, deletion, rapid, slurred, pronunciation, non-verbal communication, and private code characteristics.

The most informal speech style, the intimate style can be categorized into two parts according to its function, which is extraction and jargon. Extraction is the one in which the speaker says a minimum pattern to represent a sentence. For example, engh represents an empty word. The latter is jargon which is a word or expression of technical vocabulary and represents a group or an activity, and no other meaning outside of that group. For example, in the military (a group/activity), the jargon used is Roger which represents GUM or got your message. Check out What are Language Branches and Groups?

8. What is Casual or Informal Speech Style?

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A casual or informal speech style, as the name suggests, is a casually spoken speech used during conversations with friends. The most informal speech style is different from the usage of Standard English. It is also the standard style of speech. It uses a much more relaxed tone and doesn’t abide by the typical rules of grammar. It tolerates certain grammatical errors and involves slang and several colloquial terms. In simple terms, it is that type of speech that you hear and use in your daily life. (See What is the importance of proxemics in communication?)

9. What is Consultative Style of Speech?

The consultative style of speech is used in a semi-formal situation. These styles are thought formal enough but are usually less formal. These styles are used to represent our norms to the strange people we meet in our daily life. This style is usually shorter than the formal style but is used in everyday life communication. (See What language did they speak in Rome?)

10. What are the Example of Formal Communicative Style?

A few examples of formal communicative styles are the speech styles used during meetings, legal notices, documents, reports, official places, administrative places, social media, graphics, messages, commercial places, business letters, orders, etc. (See How to describe the sun in creative writing?)

The article has tried to provide a simplified definition of the various types of speeches with proper examples so that you can have a clear and better understanding of the concepts. We hope that you will be able to differentiate between the most informal speech style and the formal types and with practice, you can use the correct style in the correct place. Happy speaking!

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