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What Biome do We Live in?

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The planet Earth is full of life and vibrancy. Even the most isolated regions have some tiny form of a living organism. Different regions in the world support different lives and species of organisms that are unique to that area. The different geographical regions with their own unique characteristics are called biomes. Each biome supports an array of wildlife and vegetation. So, this article is going to talk about the living biome. You are going to look at what biome do we live in. So, let’s get prepared for this interesting piece of writing.

1. What Biome do We have?

Before discovering what biome do we live in, here are 5 major types of biomes:

  • Aquatic biome: The living and non-living entities of the water bodies which constitute diverse ecosystems are called an aquatic biome. This biome is further categorized into 2 types, the freshwater, and the marine biome. The aquatic biome is the biggest and most common biome on Earth.
  • Grassland biomes: Grassland biomes are large continuous and open areas of land filled with grasses. The grazing animals and frequent fires maintain the grasslands. Savanna and temperate grasslands are the 2 types of grassland biomes.
  • Desert biome: Desert biome is the driest of all the biomes. The basic characteristic of this biome is that it receives a very small amount of rainfall. The layer of soil present here can either be sandy, stony, or gravelly. The plants and animals of the desert biome have special qualities that lead to their survival in dry regions. There are 4 types of deserts mainly semi-arid deserts, hot and dry deserts, cold deserts, and coastal deserts.
  • Tundra biome: Tundra biome is the coldest of all biomes. This region has extremely low temperatures. It is similar to the desert as both the biomes receive low precipitation. Frost-molded landscapes cover this region.
  • Forest biome: Forest biome is filled with a very high variety of plant and animal species. The presence of high biodiversity is the main characteristic feature of the forest biome. They are of 3 types, temperate, tropical, and boreal.

2. What is a Living Biome?

A living biome is a region where a large community of vegetation and wildlife live. These communities are adapted to the climate of that particular region. Each biome has different species by which it is classified. It is a major life zone. Each biome has a different environmental condition. (See What is Natural Feature?)

3. What are the 3 Main Forest Biomes?

What biome do we live in? What are the three main forest biomes? Here are the answers to your questions:

  • Temperate forests: These forests have a large variety of vegetation because of the presence of fertile soil and abundant precipitation. Many animals live in these forests. These are found across eastern North America and Eurasia.
  • Tropical forests: Tropical forests have the highest amount of biodiversity. A large range of vegetation and wildlife is present here. These forests are found near the equator.
  • Boreal forests: Boreal forests are also known as taiga. These are one of the world’s largest land biomes. Trees such as conifer, spruce, fir, and pine are found here. Out of mammals, moose and deer are the most common. The temperatures here are below freezing. These are found across Siberia, Scandinavia, and North America.

4. Is a Desert a Biome?

Yes, the desert is an example of living biome. 

5. Is Earth a Biome?

The living zones on the earth are characterized by their features into 5 major living biomes. These biomes contain an important range of vegetation and wildlife, found in different regions. Each biome has a specific climate and environmental condition. The common features that make each biome different are the annual precipitation, vegetation, latitude in relation to the equator, and the adaptation of the specie to that particular region. The five major biomes on the Earth are desert, forest, tundra, grassland, and aquatic. Read the next pointer to know about what biome do we live in. (See Which Factors Exert the Greatest Influence over Terrestrial Biome?)

6. What Biome do Humans Live in? What Biome do We Live in?

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Do you know what biome do we live in? Humans live in the land biomes because our bodies are adapted to the conditions that are present in the land biome more than any other biome. These biomes are desert, grassland, tundra, and forest biome. These biomes are further classified into several types according to the wildlife and vegetation of the region. 

7. What Forest Biome do We Live in?

We mostly live in the temperate forest biome. It has a wide variety of flora and fauna. This biome has well-defined seasons which makes it suitable for living. Do you know what is the most common biome on Earth? No? Then read the next pointer. (See What is Freshwater Biome Location?)

8. What is the Most Common Biome on Earth?

The aquatic biome is the most common biome on Earth. Since the Earth is covered with 70% water, this biome takes up the most part of the Earth and hence, it is the biggest biome. The aquatic biome is categorized into two types, the marine biome, and the freshwater biome. The marine biome has a higher salt concentration in the water whereas the freshwater biome has little concentration compared to the marine biome. The best biome to live in is discussed in the next pointer. 

9. What is the Best Biome to Live in?

The best biome to live in is the temperate forest biome. This biome has a high variety of vegetation and wildlife. Also, the climate and temperatures here are not extreme, making it a good region to live in. See Which is the Largest Bay of the World?

10. Do Humans Live in Temperate Forest?

Yes, humans do live in temperate forest. It is also the best biome to live in. 

11. Do Humans Live in the Taiga?

The local indigenous communities of the region live in the taiga. These people have been living in the region for a long time now and are native inhabitants. (See What are Two Examples of Human Environment Interaction?)

12. Does the US have every Biome?

Yes, the US has every biome. North America is the only continent in the world to have all 5 major biomes.

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