What are Examples of New Media?

How is New Media different from Traditional Media? What is Non-Digital Media? What is the Difference between New Media and Social Media?

New media can be referred to as any media such as online newspapers, journals, and other online platforms that are delivered in a digital manner. In this article we will learn about examples of new media, how is new media different from traditional media, what is non-digital media, and what is difference between new media and social media.

1. How is New Media different from Traditional Media?

New media is a type of media that is digital in nature. Examples of new media include online newspapers, blogs, podcasts, etc. These are a form of media that is online while new media is different from traditional media as it includes radio, television, newspapers, magazines, etc. It refers to advertising channels that have been used for years. (See Why is YouTube so popular?)

2. Which is not a Traditional Media?

Non-traditional media includes media such as online newspapers, podcasts, concerts, viral videos, etc. Any form of media that is online is referred to as new media and not traditional media. It can also be referred to as non-digital media. (See What does Deleting Social Media do for You?)

3. What are Examples of New Media?

Examples of new media include media that is online. A few examples are social media networks, email, virtual and augmented reality, websites, blogs, podcasts, etc. Check out What are Features of Blog?

4. What are Some Examples of Traditional Media?

Some examples of traditional media are:

  • Posters, Photographs,
  • Telegraphs, Telephone,
  • Fax, Radio, Television,
  • Newspapers, etc.

5. Is Television Example of New Media?

No, Television is not an example of new media rather it is an example of traditional media. (See When was the first flat screen TV invented).

6. Is Social Media a New Media?

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Yes, social media is a form of new media. It comes under new media. (See Why Social Networks are Popular?)

7. What are Non-Digital Media?

Nondigital media refers to the representation of information in form of hard copies, paper copies, printers, and other forms of information. It does not make use of computers or networks or any form of digital technology for the representation of information. (See Why do people share photos on social networks?)

8. What is Non-Traditional Marketing?

Non-traditional marketing refers to a marketing program that is strategic in nature that uses new and innovative methods to target the audience. Types of non-traditional marketing are:

  • Street Marketing
  • Stunt Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Membership Marketing
  • Stealth Marketing
  • Stunt Marketing

9. What is the Difference between New media and Social media?

The difference between new media and social media is that social media requires the effect of a network while new media does not require the effect of a network. Social media is used to share personal information while new media is used to share information with people. Also, social media is user-based content. (See How to Start a Successful Blog?)

10. Is Magazine a Traditional Media?

Yes, a magazine is a form of traditional media. It is an old and traditional form of media. (See Why is Elite Daily so popular

11. Is Netflix a Type of Social Media?

No, Netflix is not a type of social media rather it is a video streaming service. Its content is present on social media and it gains popularity through social media. So, we can say that it can be influenced by social media. Check out Why Netflix is so popular?)

12. Which of the Two is Traditional Media and New Media?

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With the help of traditional media, businessmen tend to attract large audiences through commercial TV advertisements, Print advertising, billboards, etc.

While new media helps build relations and presents information in a far better and more understanding manner. It includes the use of computers and the internet. Examples are blogs, podcasts, emails, websites, etc. Must read What would Happen to Humankind if Technology did not Exist?

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