Why is Elite Daily so popular?

Alex Williams
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  1. They presented the same news in an engaging way

  2. They are very clever in choosing pictures and titles

    The Elite daily’s team are very clever in choosing titles and pictures for their posts. The fact that their titles and pictures are usually emotionally provoking resulted in driving a massive number of people to their site.

  3. Elite Daily’s team writes about the most popular evens and popular trends; a practice that if done right can drive a very big amount of traffic to a site.

  4. The company does a very good job at targeting its audience

    Elite Daily targets youth, and in almost all of their posts there are pictures of young people. When a person sees such images, he quickly relates to them and as a result he believes the site is targeting him. Add to this focusing heavily on topics that would appeal to youth such as relationships.

  5. Articles are short and sometimes funny

    Most people, especially youth, don’t like to read long posts or do something that puts a heavy load on their brain while working. Because Elite Daily’s posts are usually short and funny, they attract their target market well.

  6. Perfect tool for procrastination

    Elite daily provides a perfect procrastination tool for the millions who already want to procrastinate while doing work or their important tasks. The site depends heavily on Facebook for traffic and this allows people to see its posts while working or procrastinating. (See Why do people like posts on Facebook?)

  7. Their Facebook page has a very high engagement rate

    The Elite Daily’s team has done a good job in getting the right people on their Facebook page. This resulted in a very high engagement on the page. The fact that most of their posts get a very big number of shares through the Facebook page helped the site become more popular. (See Why Facebook is better than Instagram?)

  8. Most people aren’t interested in serious posts

    Most people, especially youth, prefer to read something light that is not that serious. A typical person would rather read a superficial article about a certain celebrity he likes than read a lot informative scientific articles.

  9. The posts play on important psychological needs

    Many of Elite Daily’s posts target important psychological needs people have such as curiosity, the desire for novelty and frustration. In addition, many of its posts can help people gain self-esteem like the ones that tell single people that they are just great and that it’s not their fault.

  10. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Elite Daily’s CEO said ‘We’ve staffed our editorial team with journalists and editors who have an innate understanding of millennial culture and trends.’ He also said that the analytical tools they used to find trends helped them a lot.

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