What are Average TEAS Test Scores?

The best way to get good TEAS scores to get into nursing school is to take practice tests and focus on your weaker sections. Besides that, the article will provide you with further knowledge regarding its scoring.
JAN23 What are Average TEAS Test Scores

What are the average TEAS test scores? Can you get into nursing school with a low TEAS score? This is a question that many students have, and it is a valid one. The TEAS exam, or the Test of Essential Academic Skills, is a standardized test used to determine whether or not someone is eligible to become a nurse. In order to pass the test, you must score in the proficient range or higher on each section. Wondering what the average TEAS scores are? Keep reading to find out!

Note: Average Teas Test scores may vary depending on your state.

1. Is TEAS Test Hard to Pass?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills, or TEAS, is a standardized test used by many nursing programs to measure a prospective student’s readiness for nursing school. The TEAS has four sections: Math, Science, Reading, and English. Each section contains multiple-choice questions that assess a range of skills and knowledge in each subject area.

The TEAS test is not easy to pass because nursing school is not easy. The test is just one part of getting into nursing school, and it is important to remember that the test is just one indicator of your ability to succeed in the program. However, if you put in the hard work and prepare properly, you should be able to pass the TEAS test and get into the nursing program of your choice. Nursing school is demanding, but it is also extraordinarily rewarding. (See When will AP Scores be Released?)

2. Is the TEAS Test Harder than the Act?

Many students wonder if the TEAS test is harder than the ACT. The answer to this question depends on the student. The TEAS test assesses students’ knowledge in four areas: reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage. While the questions on the TEAS are not more challenging than those on the SAT or ACT, some students may find certain sections more difficult than others.

The reading section of the TEAS may be especially difficult for those who had trouble with reading comprehension in high school. The mathematics section might give you more trouble if numbers are different from your thing. However, with some focus and practice, you can succeed on the TEAS test just as well as on any other standardized test. 

3. Is Proficient Good on the TEAS Test?

Scoring proficiently on the TEAS test generally indicates a moderate level of overall academic preparedness necessary to support learning health sciences-related content. This means that individuals who score in this range should have the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in health sciences coursework; however, they may need to devote additional time and effort to master the material.

Those who score below proficient may consider retaking the exam or undertaking additional academic preparatory work before beginning health sciences coursework. In contrast, those who score at or above proficient may find that they can handle the rigors of health sciences coursework relatively easily. Check out Should Students get Paid for Good Grades?

4. What TEAS Score do You Need for Nursing School?

To be eligible for nursing school, applicants must earn a minimum score of 60% in each section of the TEAS. This means that students must demonstrate proficiency in reading comprehension, math skills, science knowledge, and English grammar to be considered for admission into a nursing program. While the TEAS score required for nursing school may vary from one program to the next, meeting the minimum score requirement is essential for any student who hopes to pursue a career in nursing. 

5. What is a Good TEAS Score to get into Nursing School?

In each section, a good TEAS score to get into nursing school is 60%(minimum). However, it’s important to note that schools may have different requirements, so consult the individual school’s website. (See 10 Reasons why GPA doesn’t matter)

6. Can you get into Nursing School with a Low TEAS Score?

The decision to accept or reject an application varies depending on the individual, their application, and how competitive the other applicants are.

7. What do most People Score on the TEAS Test?

Most people score on the TEAS test score between 65% and 75%. However, scoring in the high range is becoming increasingly important as the demand for nursing school slots continues to outpace the supply. Aim for a score in the 80th percentile or higher to increase your chances of getting into nursing school. With a little focus and effort, you can reach your goal. (See What First Class with Distinction means?)

8. What is the Average Score on the TEAS Test? What are Average TEAS Test Scores?

The average teas test scores test falls between 65% and 75%. The average student will correctly answer between 65% and 75% of the questions. The TEAS test is a multiple-choice test, so students have a 25% chance of getting each question correct simply by guessing. However, the test is designed to be challenging, so students who do not prepare thoroughly can expect to score below the average Teas Test scores. 

9. Is it Hard to get a 60 on the TEAS Test?

JAN23 What are Average TEAS Test Scores 1

The test measures basic academic knowledge in reading, math, science, and English and language usage. The average Teas Test scores are reported on a scale of 0-120 for each section, with 60 being the passing score.

While the TEAS Test is not a measure of intelligence or aptitude, it is designed to predict success in allied health and nursing programs. Many programs use the TEAS Test as one factor in their admissions decisions because research has shown that students who perform well on the test are more likely to succeed in their courses. So yes, it is hard to pass the test or get 60 on the TEAS test. 

10. Is 78.7 a Good TEAS Score?

Yes, a total score of 78.7% falls within the top score range on the TEAS, which means that you performed well on the exam and should have no trouble succeeding in nursing school. Must read What is 78 Percent Grade?

11. Is 82 a Good Score on TEAS?

Yes, an 82 is a good score on the TEAS. A score of 82 means that you scored in the 82nd percentile, which means that you performed better than 82% of other test takers. Your TEAS score is not necessarily indicative of your ability to succeed in nursing school; rather, it indicates how well you performed on this exam.

12. Is TEAS 7 Harder than TEAS 6?

No, version 7 is designed to be easier than the previous version. TEAS Version 7 was released from feedback from test takers and administrators who suggested updates to reflect the current nursing education landscape better. The content areas and question types remain the same, so there is no need to worry about if the new version is harder, what you are studying, and whether doing well on the average teas test scores. Must see List of Field of Study Examples.

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