Video Summary: 1943 Axis losing in Europe

Axis Alliance in World War II | World War II in the Pacific in 1942 | Video Summary: 1943 Axis losing in Europe
  1. In 1943 the tide turned for the Allies

    In 1943, the tides started turning for the allies.

  2. The siege of Stalingrad

    The siege of Stalingrad was one of the most important events in the war which ended with the Germans losing the important battle and so losing grounds.

  3. The Soviets began to advance

    After that battle the soviets began to advance and retake back some of the lost lands from the axis.

  4. The Axis were forced out of North Africa

    During 1943, the Allies kept pushing forward into Libya and so managed to force the Axis out of North Africa during the same year.

  5. The Allies started attacking Italy

    The allies used the lands they got in north Africa as a base to start attacking Italy. (See Why did Western Europe slip into the dark ages?)

  6. Parts of Italy were taken

    The allies were successful in attacking Italy and they managed to take over parts of its lands. The Italians became angry as a result and they managed to depose Mussolini.

  7. Rome was bombed

    The Allies advanced to Rome and started bombing it in order to force the Axis to surrender.

  8. The Americans started bombing Germany

    In 1943, the Americans started bombing Germany and those attacks kept getting stronger and stronger. (See How Did the Americans Win the Revolutionary War?)

  9. The Battle of Kursk

    During 1943, the Soviets managed to win another important battle in Kursk. This was the last offensive point of the Axis and so the Allies were able to advance more.

  10. The Americans went on the offensive

    The Americans went on the offensive and managed to get closer and closer to Japan.

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