Sherlock: A Study In Pink Summary – Season 1 Episode 1

Sherlock S1 E1 “A Study in Pink” Recap | Summary of A Study in Pink Sherlock Season 1 Episode 1

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  1. Dr. Watson can’t write anything on his blog. He continuously has bad dreams and he visits a psychiatrist who does think that he’s improving.

  2. Multiple cases of suicide happened

    Several suicides happened using the same poison. The police holds a conference headed by Lestrade and all the reporters get the same message, ‘Wrong’, from S.H.

  3. John is looking for a roommate

    John meets a friend in the park by coincidence and tells him that he’s looking for a roommate. To his surprise, his friend heard that before the same morning.

  4. Sherlock is experimenting

    Sherlock Holmes is seen for the first time, experimenting on a dead body. The doctor working over there attempts to impress Holmes by wearing lip gloss but he shuns her off rudely.

  5. John Watson meets Sherlock Holmes for the first time

    The mutual friend brings John Watson to meet up with Sherlock Holmes who is also looking for a roommate. Sherlock manages to analyse John to the point of awkwardness, telling him little details that he shouldn’t be able to know.

  6. Ms. Hudson meets Watson

    Ms. Hudson meets John Watson who is checking the apartment, and she tells Sherlock about the suicides which he seemed very optimistic about. He said that there were four not three, just when the door rings and the police ask Sherlock to join the investigation.

  7. Sherlock asks John to help him

    Sherlock asks John if he was a good doctor and when the latter replies, he asks him if he’d join him in the investigation which clearly makes John very excited.

  8. Sherlock impresses John more

    When John asks Sherlock how he knew all those things about him, Sherlock impresses him even more by explaining. Although Sherlock is wrong about John having a brother called Harry, it’s actually a sister called Harriet.

  9. Sherlock investigates the scene

    Sherlock manages to find several clues about the woman in pink. When he asks for her suitcase, Lestrade tells him that she didn’t have one.

  10. Sherlock assumes that the killer drove the lady

    He assumes so because the killer forgot about the suitcase and must have driven around with it. (See Game of Thrones Summary: The Wolf and the Lion – Season 1 Episode 5)

  11. John receives a warning

    John Watson receives a warning from one of the police officers, telling him that Sherlock enjoys solving murders and is a psychopath himself.

  12. John receives a phone call

    John receives a phone call on a public phone. He is taken away by a mysterious person. When he confronts the man, the man tells him that he’s Sherlock’s arch enemy. Meanwhile, Sherlock texts John asking him to come over at once.

  13. Sherlock asks for John’s phone

    When John arrives, he tells Sherlock about what happened but Sherlock doesn’t seem concerned. He asks John to send a text and explains that it’s the reason he asked him to come back.

  14. Sherlock has the suitcase

    When John texts, he realizes that Sherlock actually has the suitcase. He opens it in front of him and tells him that he just texted the killer.

  15. John forgets his cane

    Sherlock takes John to a restaurant. When they are sitting, a taxi stops by for a while and the two go off chasing it; running and jumping across rooftops. John forgot his cane and was walking and running normally.

  16. John takes the room

    Sherlock tells Ms. Hudson that John is going to take the room. The door rings and the restaurant owner brings John’s cane back, telling him that Sherlock said he won’t need it anymore.

  17. Lestrade sets up a fake drugs bust

    He sets a drugs bust to get the suitcase from Sherlock Holmes. Lestrade tells Sherlock that he should not withhold evidence. Sherlock shows lack of human feelings.

  18. Sherlock locates the victim’s smartphone

    He tells the police that ‘Rachel’ is the password to the victim’s e-mail address and he uses it to locate the murderer. The phone is located where they are.

  19. A taxi driver comes by

    Sherlock gets into his mind palace and recognizes that he should go with the Taxi Driver who just walked upstairs. The driver has the phone.

  20. The taxi driver challenges Sherlock

    He confesses that he talked to the suicide victims and tells Sherlock that he will go with him because he wants to understand how those people died. He also tells him that he’ll talk to him and Sherlock will kill himself. (See Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 5 – Season 2 – The Ghost of Harrenhal)

  21. Sherlock has a fan

    The taxi driver tells Sherlock that he has a fan who told him all about him. He takes him to an open place and tells him that he doesn’t need a gun because Sherlock will follow him anyway.

  22. John locates the phone again

    John locates the phone and runs off to the location where the Taxi Driver and Sherlock are.

  23. Sherlock and the taxi driver have a talk

    The Taxi Driver challenges Sherlock’s intelligence by offering him two pills. He asks him which one is the poison. He tells him that whatever pill he doesn’t take, he will take it. One of them has to die. He pushes one pill in front of him and tells him that ‘it’s a game of chess’.

  24. Sherlock analyzes the driver

    Sherlock analyzes the Driver and tells him that he’s dying. The Driver tells him that he killed those people so he would ‘out live’ them. And he also tells him that he has a sponsor who would support his children more if he kills more people.

  25. John finds the spot

    Sherlock chooses the gun over the two pills, but then the Driver asks him if he knew which pill was the poisonous one. John, from the building in front of them pulls his gun and shoots the Driver; saving Sherlock before he takes the pill. Before the Driver dies, he tells Sherlock, ‘Moriarty’.

  26. Sherlock meets his arch enemy

    His arch enemy tells him that he’s concerned about him. They have a conversation and Sherlock reveals that Mycroft Holmes is his brother.

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