Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 5 – Season 2 – The Ghost of Harrenhal

The Ghost of Harrenhal | Game of Thrones Episode 5 Season 2 Summary | Game of Thrones recap: The Ghost of Harrenhal
  1. Melisandre’s son killed Renly

    Melisandre’s son, which is a ghost, killed Renly in front of Brienne and Catelyn. Brienne cried for him. then Catelyn took her and they left before anybody thinks they did it.

  2. Renly’s army joins Stannis’ army

    After the death of Renly both armies joined forces and started heading towards King’s landing. Tyrion was concerned by Cersei said Joffrey will take care of the siege himself.

  3. Tyrion interrogated Lancel

    Cersei refused to tell Tyrion about the defense plan. After interrogating Lancel Tyrion knew about the defense plan which includes using barrels of wildfire to stop the ships. Tyrion told Bronn to kill Lancel ,while Lancel was watching, if anything happened to him.

  4. Davos warned Stannis about Melisandre

    After Davos warned stannis about Melisandre he told him that he won’t take her to the battle. Stannis placed Davos in command of his fleet. (See Game of Thrones Summary: Episode 3 – Season 2 – What is Dead May Never Die)

  5. Tyrion witnesses a small protest

    While walking with Bronn Tyrion witnessed some angry men talking about Joffrey and Cersei in a bad way. He was also mentioned in a bad way. He didn’t mind and left them.

  6. Theon plans to attack Torrhen’s Square

    Theon’s crew didn’t respect him. He was told that he has to prove himself first. He decided to attack Torrhen’s Square to lure what’s left of the Stark’s army. (See Game of Thrones Season 3 Summary)

  7. Arya hears Lord Tywin discussing the war

    Arya heard Lord Tywin discussing the war with his council. She left the room and found one of the men she saved earlier wearing the clothes of the Lannister’s army. The man told her he will make 3 kills for her because she saved him and 2 of his friends. She named the man who tortures people.

  8. Tyrion inspects the wildfire

    Tyrion went to the Alchemist to see the wildfire that the defense plan depends on. He found thousands of jars and got shocked. He said to the Alchemist he will start making wildfire for him instead of his sister.

  9. A welcome cermony is made in Qarth

    Daenerys taught her dragon to breath fire then went to the Ceremony made for them. In the Ceremony a mysterious woman tells Jorah Mormont that Daenerys now needs more protection than ever as she is the mother of dragons.

  10. Brienne vows to protect Catelyn

    Brienne vowed to protect Catelyn and serve her. Brienne asked Catelyn not to hold her back when the time comes to kill Stannis. Catelyn Agreed. Catelyn decided to ride back to Robb.

  11. Bran has another bad dream

    Bran told Osha about his latest dream where he saw the sea waves striking the castle of winterfell. Osha seemed disturbed by the dream but didn’t provide an explanation.

  12. The rangers send a small group to kill the lookouts

    The rangers decided to select a small group of people to send to kill the lookouts of the wilding’s army. Jon Snow got selected among the group.

  13. Xaro offered to marry Daenerys

    Xaro of Qarth offered to marry Daenerys in exchange for giving her enough gold to bring an army. He told her they can sit on the Iron throne together. Daenerys told Jorah but he told her she only needs one ship to reach Westeros. He reveals his affection of her.

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